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Khardah Khal is a storm water drainage canal, originated about 4.45 km South-East of Khardah Railway Station, West Bengal, India and flows to the river Hoogly. Legion of industries like chemical, fertilizer, metallurgical, textile dyeing etc. were established surrounding the canal since independence of India. The wastewaters generated from some of these industries are discharged to the Khal at various locations. Since, the canal is finally meeting the river Hoogly, it is important to know the physico-chemical and biological characteristics of the water flowing through it. In this book, the results of seasonal water quality data of the canal are used from the data given in a report prepared by FOSET under the aegis of WBPCB. The results are presented through figures before being discussed and assessed in a realistic manner in order to estimate the pollution load being received by the river through the canal modifying the figures and discussion of results given in the said report. Additionally, this book further elucidates a detailed calculation on the dissolved oxygen concentration of river Hoogly using relevant data and the well known Streeter-Phelps mathematical model for understanding the river water quality in regard to dissolved oxygen. Finally, suitable recommendations for the overall management of the canal are made many of which are not included in the said report. This book, thus attempts to cover a broad audience for instance, the interests of academicians as well as researchers engaged in water quality assessment practices, policy makers as well as regulatory agencies responsible for framing and implementing various environmental regulations respectively.

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