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Main features for POE NVR: Support embedded Linux OS Support Protocol Onvif 2.3 version Support VGA HDMI Sync video output VGA HDMI image resolution Max to 1920*1080 Support HD preview all channels support Main stream Support Zoom function of preview and playback Support eventplaybackbackup recording support picture playback and search Support One-key recording Support fast playback Support P2P Support 4-CH 720P simultaneous playback System Specifications for POE NVR: Main processor: High performance embedded microprocessor Operating system: Embedded LINUX OS Video spec. Video compression format: H.264 Display Image Resolution: 720P at 30fps; 960P at 30fps; 1080P at 30fps Playback Image Resolution: 720P at 30fps; 960P at 30fps; 1080P at 30fps Motion Detection can setup 192 (16 x 12)pcs Motion detection area: each channel and multi-level sensitivity(1-6 levels adjustable) Privacy Masking: N/A Recording Mode: Recording Mode Manual Recording Motion Detection Recording Time Recording Alarm Recording Frame rate: 30 fps NTSC; 25fps PAL Recording Playback: Max support 4-CH 720P Backup Mode: Support HDDUSB Flash Disk store & backup Other Network ports: 1x10/100Mbps RJ45 port RS485: N/A USB: 2 USB 2.0 ports HDD : support 1 3TB SATA HDD inside Power: DC +12V / 4A Power consumption: 16W-18W(not include HDD and PoE) Specifications for HD IR IP Camera Image Sensor: 1/4 1.3 Megapixel OV CMOS Resolution: Main Stream: 1280*720Sub Stream: 704*576 Lens: 6mm(3.6mm 8mm Optional ) IR Light: 30pcs IR LEDS Length: 30m(100ft) Frame Rate: PAL:1-25fps NTSC:1-30fps Compression: H.264 Main Profile@Level 3.0 Bit Rate: 0.1M6Mbps Electronic shutter: 1/25~1/100000s Low Lux: Color0.6Lux@F1.2 B/W0.08Lux@F1.2 Dual Stream: Support Function: Reset Password Protection Cell phone monitor: IPHONE IPAD Android POE: Support Power consumption: 3W
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