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In young multicultural Finland, fresh generations of immigrants are born and grow up fast. Many find themselves living in their fatherland as Finns. Compared to their parents, they have extra obligations and demands on society. Poor education, unemployment, and blue collar jobs are high among immigrant youth in Finland. This book examines the role of the Finnish education system and school experiences on life, and the education and career plan of the participants as young Iranians in Finland. Since the influential factors that affect those plans are similar for other young immigrants in Finland, it indirectly involves the future of tens of thousands of potential fresh labour forces. Multiple theories and research on education and career of ethnic minorities influence the study. Theoretical standpoints include acculturation, transnational migration, and narrative explanation. The data is composed of narratives about the participants with especial attention given to their school experiences. It employs qualitative research methodology, face to face interview and participant observation. The results can be useful for education decision makers, school staff, employers, researchers etc.

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