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smal a6 hifi digital amplifier 50wx2 dac digital 110v 220v native dsd512 usb optical coaxial lp player cd analog input купить по лучшей цене

The receiver comes with a digital coaxial HD audio cable and an RCA cable that connect directly to your home stereo so you can hear your music in crisp high-definition.It can connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled device, so you can you stream music and control playlists directly from smartphones and so on. High-quality Audio Quality Featuring with Cirrus Logic cs8416 and TI PCM5102A DAC chip sets, the product provides CD quality sound. Advanced Bluetooth Technology AptX is an advanced Bluetooth audio encoding technology with lower latency for higher quality sound. Compatible with all backward Bluetooth versions. NFC Quick LinkNear field communication, it is freedom to move freely in your house as you listen, conveniently control, stream music to enjoy. Lower Power Consumption Bluetooth 4.0 connection BLE lower power consumption. Let you connect to most Bluetooth enabled devices without draining your batteries. SPDIF Coaxial Output Digital SPDIF outputs, both TOSLINK optical and coaxial Specifications Color Black Bluetooth Version 4.0; A2DP, EDR Bluetooth Distance Up to 30m DAC TI PCM5102A (PCM interface: 32bit/384KHz; SNR: 112dB) Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 20KHz Analog output Stereo Left/Right RCA AptX Low Latency 30ms Power Supply 5V DC Optical Transmission Speed Up to 16Mbps Optical Transmission Distance Up to 20m Dimensions 7.8 x 7.8 x 2.6cm Product Weight 300g Package Contents 1 x Bluetooth Receiver
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