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smal a6 hifi digital amplifier 50wx2 dac digital 110v 220v native dsd512 usb optical coaxial lp player cd analog input купить по лучшей цене

Ground isolation structure Coaxial purifies the output signal, xDuoo X10T has two sets of coaxial signal output,one of which uses a professional audio transformer conversion output,can isolate the ground of front-end and back-end completely,the two devices are completely independent of each other, Features xDuoo X10T WM8805 DSD Professional Digital Turntable Music Player 256G\ WM8805, DSD, Ground isolation coaxial, optical / coaxial interface, AES balanced coaxial interface, Extended 256GB, Aluminum body, 8H battery life Lossless great sound, start for the core The X10T internal conversion chip using the Wolfson WM8805 digital audio receiver chip, not only can audio files without compression, lossless conversion to SPDIF signal output. It also has advanced phase-locked loop with jitter attenuation inside the chip, clock cycle jitter less than 50ps RMS. Specifications Battery life > 8H Charging time <3H Size 105.5 * 45 * 14mm Weight 100g AES 0.00087% Fiber 0.00087% Coaxial 1 0.00087% Coaxial 2 0.00087% AES 3.25Vp-p Coaxial 1 0.8Vp-p Coaxial 2 0.5Vp-p DSD DSD64 (to PCM output) APE 24bit / 192khz FLAC 24bit / 192khz WAV 24bit / 192khz APPLE Lossless 24bit / 192khz Format WMA, MPE, AAC, ALAC, OGG Power supply built-in 4.2V rechargeable lithium polymer battery Battery capacity 1500mAH Display 2.0 inch HD screen Card support Up to two 128G TF / Micro SD cards at the same time 
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