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Wissenschaftliche Studie aus dem Jahr 2015 im Fachbereich BWL - Marketing, Unternehmenskommunikation, CRM, Marktforschung, Social Media, , Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: The study sought to assess the effect of sales promotion activities on consumer buying behaviour by using Watanmal Group as a case study. The study used both quantitative and qualitative research techniques. In achieving the research objectives both primary and secondary data was used. The primary data was collected through questionnaires. Using a simple random technique 20 employees and 80 customers of Watanmal Group were interviewed. The findings of the study showed that all respondents (100%) are aware of the sales promotion strategy of Watanmal Group. Majority of respondents (48%) are more aware of Buy-one-get-one free promotional strategy and 24% are also aware of free sample promotional strategy. Results from the study showed that, the most effective promotional strategy is the use of Buy-one-get-one free strategy (58%), followed by free sample (22%) and price discounts (15%). Using a 5 point likert scale technique anchored on 1 - Strongly Disagree, 2- Disagree, 3- Uncertain, 4- Agree, and 5- Strongly Agree, the study found that, sales promotion strategy influence consumer behaviour. The study recommend strongly that Watanmal Group should increase their sales promotion strategies in order to increase their sales and market share since it was found that sales promotion influence the purchase pattern of cons...
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