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This systematic review presents a clear description and criticism of the relationship of socioeconomic factors to smoking behaviours. The emphasis is on educational attainment and smoking in USA. The aim of this systematic review is to investigate research into the effects of educational attainment on smoking among youths and adults. The literature review itself presents different published papers and reports’ findings on smoking among adults in USA. The methodology has tried to reduce the risk of errors encountered within the reviewed papers. The search for papers to be included in our review was conducted among international peer-reviewed published papers. The review has been conducted according to principles ensuring that it is transparent and updateable. Our systematic review was carried out in an apparent method allowing the reader to understand how the conclusions were reached. Research results were presented in a readable and understandable format. This is an essential reading for all those on courses in public health and/or international health. At the same, it helps researchers and health practitioners who require an understanding of the status of smoking among teenagers.
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