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How would you feel if you were sent to somebody to guide him and help him, but when you get to where he is he simply ignores you and does not talk to you or communicate with you? You see him fumbling and failing to do so many things you would have helped him do, but he refuses to even take notice of your presence. And worst of all, he does things that you hate, indirectly telling you to go away. Why do many Christians ignore the Holy Spirit who was sent to them to help them? Why do they go about doing things their own way without communicating with the Holy Spirit, without asking him for help, for enabling power, or guidance? In the process they blunder and fail. They even polute,with sins of immorality, his Temple(their bodies)where he dwels,thereby driving him away. Why do Christians treat the Holy Spirit like this? Since the 19th century God has, through the Pentecostal Movement, been drawing the attention of Christians to the presence of the Holy Spirit in their midst. The closer you are to the Holy Spirit the more he reveals Jesus to you, fills you with love for Jesus, with zeal and commitment to serve Jesus, and the more he empowers you to do so, as he did to the apostles
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