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Much more than a collection of recipes, Moon Juice reflects the brand's charismatic founder's approach to healthy living, giving readers the knowledge and practical techniques to transform their kitchen and wellness practices. After introducing the fundamentals of the Moon kitchen, including the adaptogenic herbs, raw foods, and alkalizing ingredients that form the foundation of Moon Juice provisions, Amanda offers guidance on using these powerful foods to deliver a multitude of benefits, from glowing skin and increased energy to brain and libido boosts. She shares her time- and money-saving strategies for stocking the Moon Pantry in bulk and using the by-products of making nut milks, jams, and cultured vegetables in a variety of snacks and desserts. The heart of the book is her recipes for the most popular healing beverages and foods from the author's Moon Juice brand, many of which can be mixed, matched, and combined to create virtually instant, nutritionally turbo-charged meals Amanda describes as "easy-fancy." A stylish lifestyle manual dedicated to helping readers achieve optimal wellness, Amanda Bacon's debut book pairs the principles of Eastern medicine with a chef's sensibility.

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