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Learn to: Establish your financial goals Make smart, profitable investment decisions in any economic climate Diversify your portfolio Conquer investing obstacles Become a savvy investor with this completely revised and updated guide Want to take charge of your financial future? This friendly guide has been thoroughly updated to provide you with the latest insights into smart investing, from weighing your investment options (such as stocks, real estate, and small business) to understanding risks and returns, managing your portfolio, and much more. Get time-tested investment advice – expert authors Eric Tyson and Tony Martin share their extensive knowledge and reveal how to invest in challenging markets Discover all the fundamentals of investing – explore your investment choices, weigh risks and returns, choose the right investment mix, and protect your assets Build wealth with stocks, bonds, and mutual funds – use indexes, understand prices, minimize costs, and diversify your investments Get rich with real estate – find the right property, evaluate the market, finance your investments, work with agents, and close the deal Start, buy, or invest in a business – write a business plan, consider a franchise, and improve profitability Manage education and retirement savings plans – establish your goals, evaluate your investment options, and tame your taxes Investigate the best investing resources – determine which sources on the air, in print, and online offer you valuable information – and which you should avoid Open the book and find: How to develop an investment strategy that fits your goals and personality Recommendations on the best stock, bond, and money market funds The best times to buy and sell stocks and bonds The scoop on exchange-traded and index funds How to make the most of your Tax-Free Savings Account Tips for reading and analyzing financial reports How to make safe and profitable real estate investments
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