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Like special children, history of special schools is also neglected in the academic field. An attempt is made in this study in a micro level to trace the history and development of special schools of Puducherry region. As far as possible all available authentic first hand sources collected from respective special schools and interpreted in this study along with other primary and secondary sources. This is first of its kind, a work which deals with the development of special schools in a historical perspective in Puducherry. This work may bring awareness among the masses about the education of those neglected differently abled children like mentally challenged and physically challenged like orthopedically challenged, visually challenged, speech and hearing challenged. Hope it may cause further development in spreading knowledge about various kinds of special children who are getting their education in the special schools and special homes of Puducherry region. Aim of this work is to protect and promote the life of the special children and also establish awareness among the masses to encourage schooling of those special children instead of neglecting them from the society.

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