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Roundtrip of Britain and Ireland is an exciting game which allows players to broaden their knowledge of Britain and Ireland as they travel around the playing board. Game components: 1 playing board with an itinerary across Britain and Ireland which allows players to discover cities, monuments and cultural traditions; 2 sets of playing cards each containing 66 cards (levels A2 and B1) with grammar, culture, geography, idiomatic expressions, riddles and vocabulary questions; 2 dice an instruction booklet. The instruction booklet contains the game instructions, ideas for further activities, extra information about the locations on the itinerary and a list of useful websites. Размер игрового поля: 40 см х 59,5 см. Размер карт: 6 см х 8 см. Размер коробки: 21,5 см х 14,5 см х 4 см.
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