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The doubling time of information in medicine and specifically in ophthalmology is estimated by some to be less than two and a half years. This ongoing explosion of knowledge has not been ignored by the professions involved in the care of the eye and its disease. The author believes it is time to provide the practicing ophthalmologist, the emergency room physician, the family practitioner, the internist, resident and medical student with an easy-to –read, comprehensive handbook of urgent eye care. In an effort to make the book of maximal knowledgeable value as a ready reference each chapter is subdivided into the classical pathological rubric of symptoms-signs-etiology-differential diagnosis-treatment-follow-up. We have used an outline format to include all essential data for making a diagnosis and properly managing emergency cases in ophthalmology. When time is critical, you can''t stop to wade through all the background material. You need clinical facts fast. You need them tightly organized, clearly and concisely stated, easy to find. You need EMERGENCY IN OPHTHALMOLOGY.
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