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Tribal development is a vital social need in India. Because tribes are highly marginalized people of India and some of whom are on the verge of extinction and many are suffering from various types of human deprivations and exploitations. So the Government of India has been trying seriously to provide protection to tribal people and it has also been implementing various programmes for tribal development.In this sense, the various tribal development programmes and the role of their implementation agencies like Govt. Co-operatives, N G Os, and other Organizations need to be evaluated scientifically. In this book, I have written five chapters, in the first chapter designed the work, and in the second chapter analyzed the literature relating the present study, in the third chapter analyzed and evaluated the tribal development policies, plans and programmes for the tribal development in India since 1950 to 2011-12. The fourth Chapter evaluates the NGOs related policies and programmes. The last chapter shows the findings and policy suggestions relating the tribal development in India. This book is very useful to the planners, policy makers, students, Researches, and NGOs.
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