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Increase the awareness of your customer’s behavior to survive and excel within your industry.One hundred years ago, the voice of the customer was easily and routinely heard by the shopkeeper. In small towns, the shopkeeper knew everyone. Today’s world has gotten much bigger and much more complex. No longer does the store owner personally know everyone who comes into the store. Yet there are three important abilities technologies offer that make it possible to listen to the voice of the customer today: The ability to acquire, store, and manage huge amounts of data The ability to read and understand text in a computerized environment The ability to visualize dataThis book answers important questions such as: Where is the voice of the customer heard? How does the corporation find and capture the voice of the customer? How is the voice of the customer actually interpreted and understood? How do you cope with the volume of messages the customer is sending you? How do you separate noise from the important messages? How do you analyze the composite voice of the customer over thousands of customers? How do you reduce the voice of the customer to a visual format that is understood by management? How do you know when the message the customer is sending changes?After reading this book the reader will be able to manage, build, and operate a corporate infrastructure that listens to the voice of the customer.

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