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upgraded version dts ac3 to analog 5 1 audio decoder converter black eu plug купить по лучшей цене

This HDMI Audio Extractor can convert HDMI input to 5.1 channel analog audio output, and support decoding Dolby AC-3/DTS (include 5.1 RAW digital audio streaming). So it is widely used in families, schools, squares, concert halls, cinemas and other public places to enjoy the shock effect of DTS or Dolby. Features Build-in high performance RTOS operating system and audio decoder chip; support DTS/AC-3. Super fast start time about 3 seconds. Input: HDMI Output: HDMI;SW, CEN, SR, SL, FR, FL; 3.5mm Headphone Port HDMI Input Resolution: Up to 3840x2160@30Hz;4096x2160@30Hz. There are PASS/2.0CH/5.1CH three kinds of audio mode options. Auto decode AC-3/DTS (LPCM/PCM/RAW) input signawithout any action. Support network player, HDTV, Blu-ray DVD, DVD, PS3, Xbox 360, DM500S, DM800HD, etc. Adopt 6ch RCA/3.5mm Headphone port output. Supports 6CH volume synchronous adjustment. Specifications Brand AOEYOO Model AY83 HDCP Version HDCP1.4 HDMI Version HDMI1.4b HDMI Resolution 2160p@30Hz/1080p@50/60Hz/1080i/720p/1576i/480p/480i Support Video Color Format 24bits/deep color 30bit, 36bit Audio Output 2CH/5.1CH Analog Audio Max Band Width 340MHz Max Baud Rate 10.2Gbps Input/ Output TMDS Signal 0.5-1.5Volts p-p(TTL) Input/ Output DDC Signal 5Volts p-p(TTL) Input Cable Distance
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