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usb rechargeable 500ml healthy portable hydrogen rich water cup transparent glass bottle with lid купить по лучшей цене

Brand ONEDAY Model OD-S04 Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color Blue + transparent + white Material PP + PC + silicone Capacity 500mL Diameter 3.5 cm Height 25 cm Specification The cup cover is seal leakproof convenient for bringing with and it is also specially designed with handle and anti misoperation locking function Other Features Product Norm: Novel: Bright color and intricate patterns means more damage to the environment. ONEDAY applies the simple and clean design of arousing natural feeling; Healthy: Taking healthy and environmental protection as the first criterion it has passed the certification of US FDA Food grade; Environmental protection: Continuously improving the usability and portability and encourage people bring cup when they go outside and avoid using disposables; Certification: SGS FDA without plasticizer; Details: Food grade PC material safe for using and odorless when holding water; Streamline cup simple and refreshing; the cup is 25cm high can easily be put in your bag; the special coated handle gives you a comfortable feeling and view; with anti disoperation locking function you will not worry the cover will open accidentally in your bag; on the top you can sign your name or write sweet words; the bottom uses TPR rubber pads can prevent collision and slid effectively. Caution: When the temperature of water is higher than 80 degrees (which may hurt your hands) the air in it will expand and the pressure will increase thus it cannot lock and may leak as a result you should cover tightly 10 minutes later when using it to hold hot water. But you can use it normally when holding warm or cold water. Packing List 1 x Vacuum Cup 1 x Chinese user manual
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