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The significant development in information and communication technology around the globe in recent year has taken almost the form of a revolution. This so-called ‘e-revolution’ is said to be transforming the global economy to a 'new' economy from an old one. With the emerging new economy sector, there has been a significant stock value increment in the Indian stock market. The book seeks to explore whether this significant stock market performance is backed by sound real economy performance. It then explores whether India has sufficient and smooth flow of fund to sustain any such structural change. With the advent of e-revolution, the concept of financing is changing. Apart from traditional financiers, alternative means of financing, most importantly venture capital funding is gaining importance in India. The work investigates the trend and growth in venture capital in India and compares that to those in USA where venture capital has been a true and useful source of fund for new economy entrepreneurs. The study reaches the conclusion that while in the new economy venture capitalists have distinct role to play, venture capital in its true form is still absent in India.

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