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Total KET is a complete preparation course for the Cambridge ESOL Key English Test - КЕТ (A2 Waystage of the Common European Framework of Reference). Total KET: focuses on communication, providing comprehensive practice for the Listening and Speaking papers and teaching students to communicate in real-life situations; covers the vocabulary on the KET Word List; is suitable for preparation for the KET for Schools exam; can be used for intensive exam preparation or as a general language course. The Student's Book includes: 15 topic-based units; 5 Exam banks revising vocabulary and grammar through exam-style tasks for solid exam preparation; a Communication Bank offering further practice in the use of KET-level functional language; an illustrated Grammar Bank with explanations of KET-level grammar structures and practice exercises; the Cambridge ESOL Word List of KET-level vocabulary required for the exam. The Skills & Vocab Maximiser includes: 15 units offering further practice in the language of communication, coverage of the vocabulary on the KET word list, and exam-style tasks; tips for recording and remembering new vocabulary; 2 KET Practice Tests. The audio CD-ROM includes: 2 computer-based Practice Tests; recordings of the listening activities in the Skills & Vocab Maximiser.
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