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A volume in Research and Theory in Educational AdministrationSeries Editors: Wayne K. Hoy, The Ohio State Universityand Michael DiPaola, The College of William and MaryLeading Research in Educational Administration: A Festschrift for Wayne K. Hoy is the tenth in aseries on research and theory dedicated to advancing our understanding of schools through empirical studyand theoretical analysis that was initiated by Wayne and Cecil G. Miskel. This tenth anniversary editionhonors and celebrates the research leadership Wayne has provided in the field of educational administrationthrough his distinguished career. The festschrift is organized around the analysis of school contexts andincludes constructs Wayne and his protégés have studied and researched: climate, trust, efficacy, academicoptimism, organizational citizenship, and mindfulness. It concludes with the work of colleagues on the salientcontemporary issues of innovation, power, leadership succession, and several others focused on improving schools. Chapter authors all have closeconnections to Wayne - former students and their students, as well as colleagues and friends.This series on Theory and Research in Educational Administration is about understanding schools. We welcome articles and analyses thatexplain school organizations and administration. We are interested in the "why" questions about schools. To that end, case analyses, surveys, largedata base analyses, experimental studies, and theoretical analyses are al...
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