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In what there is a value of PR-officer occupation? What useful things do they do? In what there is a creation of work? In what there is a great mission? In what there is a profit for self-actualization, for clients, for society? At first PR-officers are worried with these questions; clients who have no more money for PR are also worried, besides people who count money are worried as well. Why do we overpay to an organized crowd of bullshitters, if a secretary, any staff advertising manager or a marketer, or at the worst I myself (when there is no work I’d better wag my tongue instead of wasting time) can manage with all that things. Where is fun for those who hire PR-agency? Let’s leave it for those who still hire PR-agency, and will no ramble it on a secretary who is irresponsible for advertising or marketing, or on ourselves. Perhaps we’ll return to it later, perhaps we won’t.
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