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A woman marrying another woman has globally been practiced. In Africa, it exists as a means of ensuring the continuity of a household in the absence of a son. This study focused on woman to woman marriage among the Akamba Christians of Kangundo District, Kenya. This form of marriage is referred to as Iweto marriage and has persisted among the Akamba contrary to Christian teaching where marriage is exclusively monogamous. The research findings revealed that several factors are responsible for the persistence of the marriage but all these factors point towards a net work of traditional beliefs and practices which influence the local social-economic sphere. It was evident that women life in Kangundo is still controlled by laid down patriarchal structures which are created, maintained and perpetuated by the society. The study concluded that Iweto is one of the preferred options available for women without sons and the society has not come to terms with other available solutions hence without a suitable substitute, resistance to change is inevitable. The study observes that a cultural practice like Iweto marriage cannot be discarded by the society without giving a suitable alternative.

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