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GOD'S PURPOSE FOR MANKIND is intended to be a guide to every person who is in this land of the living. This book is to show you how that everyone of us need to know God and His purpose for our existence, failure to which may put our life in catastrophe both in this and in the new life to come; thereby causing us to repent at length. There is a great need for mankind to come to the point of realization and understand that though we have every right to do what we feel is good, those rights must be in line with those of our Creator. Everything that have a beginning have an end too. Before your end comes you should know God's purpose for your life. The author brings out the biblical examples on how important it is for every human being to come to the true knowledge of The Creator and His purpose for us and run with it. We do not just exist for the sake of existing. There is a cause for our existence. And we are called to know it. If you are looking for a purpose in life, this is where to start from. Read this book. God bless you as you read through this book for the betterment of your life. I pray that God will direct you in His purpose for your life.

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