10 mistakes you definitely make when you're on a diet and how to avoid them we just can't avoid it during a diet.

Ci sono errori che non riusciamo proprio ad evitare durante una dieta.

Because a diet, believe it or not, is not only a physical commitment but, above all, a mental commitment.

Ok , we are all different, we are all different children of a different life.

But there are some common mistakes that with a little attention|| |110 possiamo evitare.

Let's see which ones.

The 10 mistakes we make when we are on a diet

10 errori che sicuramente commetti quando stai a dieta e come evitarli: i dieci errori che commettiamo quando siamo a dieta

  1. N| ||120on avere fear of making a mistake. This is very important, because the moment we get demoralized at the first mistake we make, we compromise the whole outcome of the long-term diet. We are human beings, we can make mistakes and learning from our mistakes is what helps us grow. So yes to the mistake, better the mistake of the perpetual desire that leads you to give up. Make a mistake, eat something wrong and then think about the mistake you made and why you made it. This is constructive.

  2. Don't think of dieting as an endless grind.If you imagine starting a 3 month diet as if it were a task of Hercules don't even start it. We're not going on crusades, we just think we're doing something for ourselves, to make our lives better, to improve ourselves as people.

  3. Don't eat a lot to soothe negative moods.We must not think of food as a reward after a fear, a stressful day, after an anxiety. We must not reflect negative thoughts on food, making it only a consolatory tool. We think about the beauty of food and about eating when we feel the real need to eat. And if we feel a little down, instead of throwing ourselves on ice cream, we go down the street for a nice walk, which distracts us and does us good.

  4. Don't think of losing weight without exercising.It's not like you lose weight just by not eating. Since diet is not only a way to eat less but to improve ourselves we learn to take care of ourselves by walking or exercising at least 30 minutes a week.

  5. Don't weigh yourself too often. You monitor what you eat and how much you drink every day, not your weight. It easily becomes an obsession and then it is too relative to what our body experiences day by day, from water retention to hormonal changes.

  6. Don't feel too guilty.It's not like if you're out with friends and eat a piece of cake that doesn't compromise everything until then. You don't need to be self-indulgent but certainly don't let yourself be attacked by epochal guilt feelings that make the situation worse. Dessert is fine, if you are then able to compensate for the mistake with a draining dinner, for example.

  7. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to eat your favorite food.We are not at the time of Nazi Germany, you can eat a piece of chocolate or a potato chip once in a while. Better to treat yourself to a whim than to remain with desire all the time of the diet. Then it becomes an obsession.

  8. Don't eat too fast.Eating too fast means not giving your body time to understand that we are full and this is really too big a disease and too easy to eradicate not to understand that eating slowly allows our brain to assimilate the information that we are full.

  9. Beware of the portions and not the labels.It is certainly a good habit to read the composition of what we are going to buy but certainly even the healthiest food in the world needs to be eaten in adequate portions and not in industrial quantities.

  10. Non abbiate timore di mangiare al ristorante. Don't be afraid to stay away from home and therefore eat more at the restaurant. You just need to be able to measure portions and if the portion is too big leave it on the plate or take it home.

10 errori che sicuramente commetti quando stai a dieta e come evitarli: i dieci errori che commettiamo quando siamo a dieta


Do not be afraid of not being up to it, none of us is able to predict the future. All you need to do is believe in yourself, that you are different, having adiet made to measure for you. The rest will follow by itself.

We just have to improve our existence.

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