11 simple and effective ways to lose weight

Ok , if you are in my condition, it means that you have already tried many diets and the result is always the same: a failure!

Some diets, while promisingquick and easy ways to lose weight, they didn't give results

Others, on the other hand, yes, maybe even inhurry and quickly, but then you resumed the just lost kilos.

And you find yourself back to square one.

Well, if it's any consolation, you're not the only one (or the only one) in this situation, many of us have passed and most likely many others will.

However, in this article, I'll explain that in reality there is an alternative.

Inf acts I'm going to show you11 simple and effective ways to lose weight in your thighs and belly without having to give up eating.

1. Do you really need to weigh yourself often?

Yes, it really helps: people who manage to lose weight and keep it off weigh themselves often, checking yourself once a week takes a lot to gain better awareness.

However, don't stress yourself if theweight on the scale goes up or goes down from day to day.

There are several kilos of difference between one day and the next due to hormones or even just lack or excess of liquids.

2. What fats should be eliminated to lose weight?

Saturated fats: not eating one type of food does not translate into a overall calorie cut.

Inoltre, mangiare dei cibi grassi sani ti rende sazio più a lungo, ti permette di rinunciare al dessert o al secondo.

Your body needs some fat in the diet to function, in fact some research considers a diet that includes 10% fat to be optimal.

So replace butter and fatty foods with healthier polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, cold-water fish, tofu, avocado, and small amounts of nuts.

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3. When is it better to drink water to help you lose weight faster?

Before meals: drinking water, especially before meals, helps fill you up and makes you eat less.

One study found that adults who drank two glasses of water before each meal lost more weight than those who didn't drink at all.

Some studies show that water, especially chilled drinking water, can boost metabolism and help burn fat.

Water also helps you stay hydrated and when your kidneys circulate water in your body it does good and makes you weigh less.

4. If you eat too much at lunch, should you skip dinner?

No: Don't skip meals especially when you are trying to lose weight.

Missing a meal can also leave you with less energy and therefore you may feel like doing less exercise which is crucial when dieting.

Eating small, nutritious meals and snacks between meals has been shown to help people to maintain weight.

Breakfast is the fundamental meal, we need to eat well in the morning to speed up the metabolism.

5. How long does it take for us to feel full?

=15-20 minutes: eat slowly if you want to lose weight, because there is a delay between the desire to eat more and the sense of fullness felt by your stomach. This means that we continue to eat even though our stomachs are already full.

If you slow down while eating, you feel full sooner.

In one study, women who were were instructed to eat slowly ate fewer calories and drank more water than when instructed to eat as fast as possible.

6. To lose weight, plan each meal.

True: improvisation is great in some activities, but not in eating….

To lose weight, people experts recommend planning meals and snacks to ensure you're following a well-balanced diet.

Without good programming you are much more vulnerable to fast food lure.

7. Why should you keep a food diary?

For several reasons:

  • Because it allows you to track total calories
  • To plan substitution of fatty foods with less caloric foods
  • To record eating habits

Keeping a diary of what you eat can double your weight loss, it is one of the most lasting solutions ever found in weight loss.

Writing down what you ate or are eating every day is perfect for making you aware of what is happening and then checking what happened.

8. Quale carboidrati si dovrebbe evitare per perdere peso?

Carbohydrates found in processed foods: Despite the popularity of no-carb diets, your body needs this important fuel to work.

It is healthy to eliminate carbohydrates from carbonated drinks and junk food, while you can eat some carbohydrates from whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

9. What can you eat in industrial quantities and still lose weight?

All kinds of vegetables: you can eat lots of vegetables without fear of gaining weight because they are low in calories, are rich in fiber and nutrients and help you feel full naturally.

Obviously the important thing is how you cook them, certainly not a great idea to fry them 🙂

10. What should you do with the fatty foods you love?

Eat them in moderation: it might seem logical to ban all chocolate, all ice cream, pizza, or whatever your favorite fatty food.

This is a problem because cravings remain.

A new study shows that limiting food choices does not help people lose weight.

Cosa si deve fare allora?

Follow a diet that includes in your food choices even something caloric in minimal quantities every now and then.

11. How much sleep should you sleep? A little or a lot?

Sleeping a lot: lack of sleep makes people hungrier, try to sleep between 7 and 9 hours a night to feel good.

Researchers say that sleeping an extra hour cuts calories by 6, because when you fall asleep you don't feel like eating.


As you can see, there are methods and effective ways to lose weight in a healthy way.

Beware of those quick and hasty methods that you read on some newspapers on newsstands.

But change some of your habits and you will see that your weight will get better

And you, which of these methods do you use?

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