The three common mistakes in snacking

3 ways to stop snacking the wrong way

The constant desire to snack on calories it is one of the biggest problems that we who have problems with scales face every day.

Jillian Michaels, who is one of the most famous personal trainers in the world, explains3 ways to stop snacking the wrong way because it is precisely in our snacks that our distractions are so small that we don't realize the mistake.

Now let's see the most common ways of snacking wrong.far merenda sbagliando.

I tre errori comuni nel fare merenda

3 modi per smettere di fare merenda nel modo sbagliato: i tre errori comuni nel fare merenda

Jillian believes that the biggest mistake that it is done, the moment we put ourselves into it dieting is being liars to ourselves and within the limits we have to set for ourselves and above all we have to expect that every day we will have temptation.

You say the key is to be realistic and not be liars in against ourselves.

Hide the temptations you have at home, make sure you don't see them, because the first common mistake is to jump on food as soon as we see any form of it.

Il secondo errore comune è quello di lasciarsi saziare dal dolce, quindi scegliere quella bella pasta frolla con la crema.

Think about what could be the healthiest solution, take that orange that is close to you and let yourself be satiated by something that is good for you.

3 modi per smettere di fare merenda nel modo sbagliato: i tre errori comuni nel fare merenda

The third common mistake is to think that once nothing changes.

Instead, if you give in to the donut that is calling you, you'll probably give in every day, so sit across the room as soon as you see them show up for a meeting.


Jillian Michaels, the most famous trainer in the world of Hollywood, tells us what are the three most common mistakes in having a snack but it's just a way of telling ourselves.

Dobbiamo essere consapevoli ed indulgenti quando si inizia una dieta, dobbiamo sapere che non c’è solo il fisico ma, soprattutto, le nostre abitudini e la nostra mente.

So let's learn well from the beginning what they can be our limits and we work together, having a little fear of food and not thinking that we can be able to control it because it is not like this, it is not always like this.

We are talking about overweight people, who have problems with food, that's why we need to know that sometimes we might not be able to make it and prevent it.

Better a piece of carrot or an orange rather than the brioscina that stands in front of us.

We try to take the utmost care of ourselves.

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