5 foods you must not eat to lose weight

Have you ever thought that there are | ||102cibi davvero da non mangiare per dimagrire?

In this article I'm going to talk about5 foods you shouldn't eat to lose weight, || |107per perdere peso, today we will find out together what are the foods to not weigh ourselves down too much in theabdominal area.

Non stiamo parlando di non mangiare quella ciotola di patatine fritte ma di alimenti che non penseremmo essere così fondamentali per dimagrire.

So let's see together the 5 foods that we absolutely must not eat.

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The 5 foods not to eat

1. The cheese slices

The cheese slices, although the name suggests something thin and light, are a bomb of fats, added salt, additives, waste products put together in the name of a product completely industrial.

The excess of salt is an important detail, there are more than 3 grams of salt in 100 grams of product.

And as you well know, the excess of salt leads to important consequences on our body, such as heart failure, cholesterol, obesity.

Absolutely foodto be discarded.

2. White bread

5 cibi che non devi mangiare per dimagrire: i 5 cibi da non mangiare

White bread is refined bread.

Refinement, i.e. the very fine grinding of grain, destroys all nutrients.

Furthermore, the heat comes from the grinding completely burns the fibers that are inside the bread and therefore the same completely loses all the fiber needed to make our body satiated by slowing down digestion.

Choose, therefore, always and in any case | ||152pane integrale.

3. White sugar

As we have already seen for white bread, these overly refined foods have gradually lost any nutritional quality and are empty calories, meaningless.

We are faced with that which some doctors call “white poison”.

Too much refined sugar leads to terrible diseases like type 2 diabetes or contributes to the great scourge of obesity.

We use brown sugar orstevia which is the all-natural sweetener.

4. The bouillon cube

Same opinion as the sliced ​​cheese.

The bouillon cube is a completely industrial product and rich in elements inside that have nothing natural and are not good to eat, of very poor quality and high in fat.

No to stock cubes,we use carrot, onion and celery to make the cooking juices.| ||178

5. Gli insaccati

5 cibi che non devi mangiare per dimagrire: i 5 cibi da non mangiare

Let's go easy on the industrial and non-industrial sausages that gravitate to our tables. We need to know right away that sausages are bad for you.

They area concentrate of red meat, which increases the risk of heart attack and cancer.


One should not underestimate the need to take care of one's body and one's strengths and weaknesses, choosing the diet that best suits one's body, like this one.

Foods to not eat, 5 foods to lose weight, 5 foods to lose weight.

Unsuspected as we have seen, but very dangerous.

Do not be afraid to pay attention to food, there is only one way to make your life better and that is to finally have ourselves at heart, finally healthy and slim.

Let's never forget it.

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