5 Qualities to look for in a Professional Narrator

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If this is your first time looking for a professional narrator, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of potential choices. While the internet has made our lives incredibly convenient, it has also increased our options tremendously. There are many sites out there, such as Vogue, for example, that offer professional narrator voices, so it is understandable why you might be confused. To help you along in your journey to find a professional narrator, here are 5 qualities that you should be looking for.

Emotional Control and Expressiveness

One of the essential qualities a narrator needs is the ability to control different emotions. The type of narrator you need will determine the level of emotional control required. However, a great narrator should be able to control various emotions, especially if you need a narrator for an audiobook. Following this is the narrator’s ability to be expressive; an audience won’t be engaged if the narrator sounds like they are bored.


The next quality, which closely follows the ability to control different emotions, is range; a great narrator must have a wide range at their disposal. If you were to consider a few famous vocalists, you might realize that the one thing they have in common is the ability to sing relatively low and very high. Narrators need to reach various pitches, tones, and vocal characteristics. For example, to convey multiple characters. More importantly, having a wide range is one way a narrator can engage the audience.

Pronunciation and Articulation

Of all the qualities a narrator should have, pronunciation and articulation are probably the most important. It makes little difference if the narrator can convey various emotions and has a wide range if the audience cannot understand what they are saying. The narrator you are looking for needs to be able to pronounce and articulate each word being read clearly. In addition, they also need to know when to not over-articulate or over pronounce words since this comes across as disingenuous.


If you are looking for a narrator, be it for an audiobook or a commercial, you should be looking for the narrator’s experience level. Yes, talent is a significant factor. However, not everyone has a golden voice, and you want to work with someone who will make the process easier. Unfortunately, the only possible way is if the narrator has experience. An experienced narrator has done various jobs and will intuitively know what to do with their performance without constantly requiring instruction or help. This is especially important if you don’t have live direction experience yourself.

Enjoyment of the Job

Finally, passion is the last quality you should look for when searching for a great narrator. When someone really enjoys what they do, they are a pleasure to work with and strive to do the best they can. Therefore it is vital to hire a professional and not just find someone you know with a pleasant voice.

Online casting platforms only provide narrators who have chosen to be there, which is why they are an excellent opportunity to find incredible and dedicated talent easily.

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