6 Best Luxury Dog Collars For Your Spoiled Pup

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A dog collar may appear to be a simplistic buy, but if you’re a dog lover, you know that’s not the case. And this vital aspect of your dog’s outfit needs careful consideration. Most dogs and pups wear their collars at all times, and it becomes a part of their identity. So you must give proper thought to your pup’s apparel.

A decent dog collar should be secure, sturdy, and well-fitting, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be stylish! Your dog will need a harness and ID tag anyhow, so why not go with a designer brand that has a little more personality?

There is an abundance of luxury dog collars on the market these days. Gucci and Ralph Lauren are branching out into the canine realm. Several well-known fashion icon companies ad to know more about these premium dog collars and select the one that your spoiled pup will love.

Which Are The Trending Premium Dog Collars?


Ralph Lauren: Sable Woven Collar


Ralph Lauren was formed in 1967 and has become one of the world’s most well-known designer labels. The Ralph Lauren Corporation, known for its high-end apparel, furnishings, and perfumes, now produces a line of designer dog collars that look amazing and last a lifetime. 

Handwoven features may be seen on their Sable Woven Leather Collar. The collar comes in four sizes ranging from highly tiny to extensive and has two colour options: black and brown. The collar’s clasp is silver and will make your pup look even more elegant. This Leather dog collar sells between 114 and 140 dollars based on the scale and colour version you buy.

Smathers & Branson: Summer Madras

Smathers & Branson was founded in early 2004 to produce high-quality, timeless, elegant, and inexpensive needlepoint belts. Since then, this brand has grown to offer various needlepoint items and bespoke goods for colleges and institutions — including lovely embroidered dog collars.

Summer Madras, the company’s handcrafted premium brand dog collar, is a wonderfully designed, vibrant designer product. It provides your dog with an utterly distinctive appearance that you won’t find anywhere else. The collar is 1 inch broad with a 2.25-inch brass clasp and offers four sizes to accommodate practically any dog breed.

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Dog & Co: Hippo Circus


Dog & Co is a specialist dog company that sells various high-quality pet goods designed by independent designers. It has a collection of contemporary pet accessories too. The brand, physical and online stores, was formed in 2014 in New York.

The “Hippo Circus Beaded Collar” from the Kenyan Series is the favourite among the company’s many distinctive and eye-catching artistic dog collars. Hand-sewn beads in a stunning pattern and colour combination adorn the collar. These patterns come in high-quality leather. Moreover, the collar is both sturdy and comfortable. They are available in three sizes and include a robust metal clasp.


For the Furry: Le Collier


In 2018, a fashion-conscious Los Angeles-based dog parent established For the Furry. Their goal was to deliver mindfully designed collars, clothes, and accessories for your four-legged pals. The absence of premium contemporary pet goods on the market motivated the entrepreneur to make her own.

The firm offers a broad range of distinctive dog collars to suit your dog’s personality. But “Le Collier” is the fanciest of them all. This collar has full-grain Italian leather with a soft sponge interior and gunmetal fittings. It is available in three sizes to accommodate practically any dog breed.

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Very Important Puppies: Black Tape


VIP (Very Important Puppies) apparel and gear for dogs originate from light and reliable materials. They are similar to the clothes designed for people and are full of style and utility. Each collection comes from New York. The company also partners with foreign designers to add fresh ideas to the company’s range. And these ideas come in limited-edition supplies.

If any collar stands out, it is the Black Tape collar. This product is available as a single item and in a combo with the leash. It includes nickel-plated fasteners, is 1 inch broad, and is available in three sizes to fit practically any dog.

Moncler: Poldo Collare


Moncler originated in 1952 in France. Their signature style presents designer clothing environmentally. It means whatever they produce, has an earthy touch to it. The business has now grown to include fashionable apparel and accessories for pups and dogs.

The Poldo Collare dog leash is manufactured in Italy and is available in three sizes. It comprises sturdy fabric with a metal clasp that clicks on and off effortlessly. The collar also has a bold three-stripe pattern.

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In Conclusion


Pet owners are always seeking new ways to style their pets, and, understandably, you’d want the best for your pup. There are a variety of luxury brands that create and manufacture attractive canine ornaments. These offer your dog the ultimate runway appearance. 

The products given above are just some of the many luxury dog collars that the fashion world offers. Go through their websites and get a brand new collar for your pup soon!

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