6 Best Ways to Give CBD Oil to Dogs

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CBD has powerful effects on both dogs and human beings. So, if you feel your dog has certain conditions that may require CBD, you can give it some. Ensure you seek a vet’s advice on dosage before administering. The CBD will help them deal with various conditions such as pain and the need to relax.

Unlike human beings, sometimes it can be challenging to administer CBD to the dog; hence you need some tips. Here are ways to offer them CBD oil.

Put the oil on their treats

Dogs love eating their treats at certain times of the day. You can apply the oil to the treats before giving them to the dog. Ensure you apply it uniformly on all the treats so that the dog cannot detect the difference. The method is effective for small dogs or when you need to administer small doses of CBD. Adding the oil to all their treats will make them notice a difference; hence you only need to put small drops on each treatment so that they do not notice.

CBD soft chew

Dogs love chewing this and are more curious to chew what you are chewing. This is one of the recommended ways to administer CBD. This method is more effective since you do not worry about the dosage. You can buy cbd oil in uk, and as you chew, you also throw them a few gummies. The dog will always enjoy the sweet taste of gummies and unknowingly take the CBD.

You need to monitor the amount of gummies they chew to avoid overdose. This method can also be effective when you have no time to monitor the dosage your dog takes or administer the CBD yourself. You can add it to their treats, and they will chew it eventually. You can also buy CBD gummies for dogs; they are similar to dog treats; hence they will take it as part of their daily dog treats. It is an effective method of ensuring they have their daily dosage because dogs have a good way of reminding you when it is time for their treats.


Through topical application

Dogs love baths, especially warm baths; this can be a good opportunity to administer CBD oil topically. You can mix the oil with the dog shampoo, then wash the dog or dip the dog in the bathtub. Alternatively, you can buy CBD shampoo for dogs. This will save you the burden of determining the amount of CBD oil to mix with the shampoo. Other CBD topicals for dogs, such as CBD spray and CBD balm.

The topical is suitable for dealing with eternal conditions such as skin irritations and treating various spots and soreness on the dog’s body. They can also be suitable for dealing with infections in areas such as a dog’s nose. Remember, this application method is less effective, especially when addressing internal issues; hence it does not count as a dosage.

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CBD homemade pet food

One of the best ways to express your love for your dog is to prepare them a homemade meal. While preparing the meal, you can use various CBD products to treat the dog. You can use CBD oil as an ingredient and ensure it blends perfectly with the food. However, you need to exercise certain levels of caution. First, you need to monitor the level of oil you use. Overdose of CBD can lead to other side effects, such as the dog feeling anxious, and it can sometimes drive them to depression, aggression, or extreme agility.

Secondly, do not overheat the oil. CBD loses its potency when overheating; hence you need to add the oil as the food cools or in the last minutes of food preparation. You can select one of its favorite recipes and add CBD oil to it and watch as it consumes the CBD without much effort.

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Administer using a dropper

This method can be challenging if your dog is suspicious of new things. However, if you have a friendly dog, it is much easier. The use of the dropper is effective and easy because it helps you monitor the CBD dosage you administer. If you have a curious dog, you can simply put the oil straight into their mouth or tongue. This method will be effective when you select the flavored oils; otherwise, the dog will lose interest in droppers next time you administer the CBD.

CBD oil has various flavors; hence the dog may not find it uncomfortable or taste weird. You can select a flavor resembling the dog’s favorite.

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Add it to peanut butter

Dogs love peanut butter, and they will hardly identify any difference in taste because the butter taste is stronger than CBD. Add a few drops to the butter, then mix it properly before administering it to the dog. You can top it with some of their favorite treats.


Administering CBD to the dog should not be a challenge. The method should depend on the condition you need to address. If the condition is external such as skin irritation, you can use CBD shampoos and other topicals. In other conditions, you can use a dropper to add it to their treats, peanut butter, or homemade food. You can also give them some gummies to chew.

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