7 Tips that will make Your Dog’s Life Better

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From time immemorial, dogs have been a huge part of human life. It is not surprising that many refer to a dog as a man’s best friend. Indeed, dogs have proven themselves incredibly helpful and useful to man in many ways.

Dogs are always there for you, will never judge you, help keep you fit, can even reduce stress, and keep you healthy.


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Oh, these cuties are indeed a blessing!

If dogs are beneficial to humans and animals, it makes sense to go all out to make their lives better, comfortable and increase their life expectancy. You can do many simple things to make these happen.

This article will shed light on seven tips that you can engage to make your dog’s life better:

Regular Vet Visit

At least once a year, try to make a date with your vet for young dogs. However, senior dogs visit every six months. Dogs grow old faster than humans and are susceptible to various illnesses and infections. This makes it essential to be proactive with their health and visit the vet often.

The vet will perform a physical exam and do some blood work and other essential tests to ensure their organ is in top condition as they age. It will be easy to detect any abnormality before it becomes a big issue. This way, you can stay on top of your dog’s health and give her a good foundation for long, happy life.

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Keep the TV On

Many people worry their dogs will be lonely when they are away. However, you can counter such by leaving the TV on. Besides giving the dog the idea of having a company, there are dog-specific TV programs that can entertain your k9.

There are contents specific for dogs that can reduce stress and provide visual and mental stimulation for your dog. Some dogs prefer to watch and relax, while others prefer to interact with fellow dogs on Dog TV. Know your dog and provide for it accordingly.

Keep Your Dog Tidy

Grooming and giving your dog good hygiene is equally important. Parasites like ticks and fleas live on the dog’s coat, suck their blood and make their life miserable. Proper hygiene will help eliminate these before blowing into an entire infestation.

You can groom your dog by cutting the nails regularly. Keep their toenail short for easy and comfortable movement. Oral hygiene is also essential. Brush your dog’s teeth once a week at least, and give her a full-body bath weekly as well.

Protect Your Dog from what they don’t like

Some dogs do not mind seeing strangers, while others might be miserable in the presence of such. Some things might irritate your dog, and you need to protect her from such a situation. For instance, the sound from the blender might be too much for him to bear.

It is common for some dogs to frown at the neighbor’s dog barking at them – keep them away from that. Staring, teasing, yelling, etc., are habits that irritate some dogs. Since dogs are different, try to find out what irritates your dog and avoid it. Even some dogs do not care about hugging.

Keep Your Rules Fair and Consistent

You can easily confuse and frustrate your dog by not having a consistent rule. Be mindful of how you act and what you encourage with them. If your dog urinated on the floor last week, and you didn’t scold them, scolding them for the same thing this week will leave them confused.

Don’t forget you are the pack leader, and the dog learns from you every time. However, humans are sometimes guilty of sending out mixed messages. Ensure to be consistent with all rules and boundaries for your dog. Allowing them to get away with something today and punishing her the second day will confuse her.

Introduce Supplements

Supplements are not strictly for humans. You can get a series of health supplements for dogs to help deal with pain, joint issues, arthritis, and vision problems and keep their nails strong and healthy.

Ensure to check the ingredients in the supplement and stay away from artificial flavor, sweeteners, additives, or preservatives. Any long ingredient list you cannot pronounce might be a red flag.

CBD is one common supplement you can try for your dog. It can reduce pain, and keep their bones stronger, especially for older dogs. You can try CBD-infused gummies, which are available as treats for your dog.

Meet New Friends

Dogs also benefit from a good social life, like humans. Don’t forget dogs are social animals that live in a park. As a result, they don’t mind interacting with other dogs and humans.

You can expand your dog’s social circle in many ways. Consider a general dog walk, doggie daycare, plan a puppie gathering with fellow friends with dogs. It can make your dog’s day.

While going on a walk or an errand, let your dog interact with your friends and meet new people. Your dog will always appreciate the chance to meet other people with dogs, so don’t rob them of such an opportunity.

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Every dog owner wants their dog to be healthy, agile, and happy. However, this, many times, might not happen by itself as you have to set the foundation for it.

This article has explored seven simple things you can do to improve your dog’s life and make her happy.


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