9 ways to fix your health in a month

Health is not a matter like that clearly always the same or always divided between black and white.

Health is above all a way of taking care of oneself.

Many people, in fact, don't just have a wrong behavior towards their health but many wrong behaviors that need to be changed to improve the quality of one's existence.

Improving one's health, however, must not be a painful process made up of sacrifices andstrict diets.

Extremely strict diets can endanger your health, make you feel tired and take away the joy from your life. this happiness.

Let's follow together, then, these 9 ways toimprove your health in 30 days.

That's right , just one month to feel more alive, more energetic, with better digestion andflat tummy, hopefully!

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1. Clean out the fridge

First of all it is necessary to clean the fridge from all thosefoods that are harmful to our health they are found in every home, from precooked foods to frozen or canned foods that are all chemically processed and full of fat.

If we want to feel good we should buy whole foods.

The real health lies infresh fruit, fresh vegetables, whole grains, legumes, dried fruit. As far as animal proteins are concerned, stick to chicken, fish and organic eggs.

If you have any intolerances, you can not eat cow's milk but soy milk and eat gluten-free cereals.

Eating wholemeal food prevents so much crap from entering the bloodstream, intestinal bacteria remain intact longer with the body more detoxified.

So remove the junk food and fill the fridge with | ||153cibo sano!

2. Get 8 hours of sleep

9 modi per sistemare la tua salute in un mese: dormi 8 ore

Every time they tell us we should sleep at least 8 hours we just put it in one ear and out the other. Instead it is really true that we should sleep at least 7 or 8 hours a night.

Some people even need to sleep 9 hours to feel energetic the next day and it certainly is not that it is a discovery that sleeping better does good for your health in general.

=Sleep reconciles and helps digestion, weight,metabolism.

So if you are tired or have difficulty sleeping, try to find a way to rest well and not break the day-night balance which is always fundamental.

3. Balance macronutrients

Themacronutrients arecarbohydrates, fats and || |176proteine.

These 3 elements are the fastest and most obvious source of fuel for our body.

Imicronutrients which are vitamins and minerals are equally important and are found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and seeds and nuts, so they are easy to obtain.

The macronutrients they must be placed on a diet with a criterion.

=There are people, in fact, who eat very little and people who eat too much.

You just need to be aware of what you is eating, learning to inquire about what foods are, so as to manage what we eat even a little better, without getting anxious.

Most people do not know their bodies well enough to know that every body and every person has a way of eating and metabolizing these ingredien totally his.

So let's get to know ourselves before we start to balance micro and macro in the diet.

4. Get up and move!

9 modi per sistemare la tua salute in un mese: alzati e muoviti

Nobody likes to exerciseexercise every day but it is clear that when you do it, you feel better.

You may start waking up exercising in your first hour awake.

This will make you more focused and energized all day and you may not even feel anxious all day because you STILL HAVE to exercise.

Go for 30 minutes in the morning or more if that's your thing.

Walk or run or lift weights, even yoga or some rope at home!| ||210

L’importante è che ti piaccia.

Do you think you don't have enough time?

You are lying to yourself!

5. Organize your life!

The moment we create a more planned life we ​​will no longer have problems with schedules and with our habits.

Having a diary every day, an organized calendar , writing different moods and different foods, does nothing but improve and monitor our lives.

Having the possibility, especially in a moment of epochal change such as a diet, to control our habits does nothing but simplify us existence.

6. Easy on the sugar

I touch on a touchy subject which is that of added sugar.

Added sugars raise blood sugar and are empty calories, so just calories with no nutrients.

No more sodas, maple syrup, fruit juices.

No more processed foods, much better than fruit or a natural sweetener like stevia.|| |234

Controllate le etichette, non andate al supermercato affamati a prendere tutto quello che non serve o quello che sembra dietetico ma non lo è.

Don't be afraid to waste 5 minutes reading the label .

7. Drink water

Dehydration can make you feel hungrier, it can affect your adrenal glands and thyroid, sodon't forget to drink!

At least drink between 7 and 8 glasses of water a day.

Drinking water helps digestion and who wouldn't want to have a flatter stomach?

8. Choose the right diet for you

As I said before we must always be able to understand what kind of body and intention our mind has in starting a diet.

Which for first of all it should never be the same for everyone butpersonalised.

The idea of ​​having greater awareness of one's body, of one's metabolism, of what which are our habits is what will lead us to choose the best way of eating that is made especially for us.

There are people who cannot eat in the morning or in the evening, people who prefer to eat pasta legumes. All you need to do is choose good foods and the right times.

9. Choose the best supplements

There is no need to necessarily eat all the ingredients we need but it is very right to also choose the best supplements for our body.

So any industrial integrator we decide to take we always choose the best for us.
Don't think about money, just think about eating or integrating with top-level protein bars, soups and shakes.


In short, what we want to try to make you understand is that it's you that even in just one month you can improve your life without upsetting it or without drastic diets.

You are the master of steam.

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