Acid Alpha Lipoic Supplement: the best prices on the market

Have you ever heard of the | ||102acido alfa lipoico and the possibility of ingesting it, every day,thanks tosupplements which are on the market?

This informative article will give you the right information, in fact, to buy those supplements that can do us good in an already establisheddiet regimen.

As we always say there are no miracles to be experienced but only great miracles to be built together thanks to the will.

Let's first see together what this isacido alfa lipoico and what it is used for.

What is Alpha Lipoic Acid I supplement

L’alpha lipoic acid is a fatty acid that is present in every cell of the body. Precisely because it is very important, it is good to remember what it is for:

  • improvement of metabolism
  • antioxidant against free radicals

Especially free radicals, which are very dangerous substances that are produced by our body, it seems that they are fought in an excellent way by what is an alpha lipoic acid supplement. Free radicals cause damage to cells, organs, tissues and a regular intake of this supplement certainly seems to make them more harmless.

What studies express is that ALA acid is better than vitamins because vitamins act either only on liquids or only on fats. In the case of acid, it works very effectively in both environments.

ALA acid is found in small quantities in these foods:

  • potatoes
  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • brewer's yeast
  • red meat (especially liver, kidneys and heart)

It is advisable, however, to take it below form of supplement because the permitted daily doses are from 300 to 600 mg and because the supplement concentrates this effectiveness in purity, therefore it is absorbed better and faster by the body.

Now we will see together a series of products on the web that are the best on the market.

MyOva Alpha Lipoic Acid

Questo è un integratore dal costo di 18 euro, una boccetta con 120 capsule, quindi molto conveniente da tenere in casa visto che si possono prendere 1 o 2 compresse al giorno, per un fabbisogno di circa 300 mg. Questo è un integratore che contiene ALA che migliora il sistema nervoso, livello di zucchero nel sangue, migliora la funzionalità di pancreas e reni. Sarebbe sempre meglio usare questo tipo di acido dopo aver parlato con il vostro medico di famiglia, è bene sapere anche che i commenti sono molto positivi vista l’importante dell’acido per il nostro organismo e la qualità del prodotto che è bilanciato bene e può essere usato da vegani e vegetariani.


This is a supplement with about 60 capsules inside of pure ALA acid that costs about 18 euros and has a large capacity, at improvement of the vital functions of our body, antioxidant by increasing the quality of vitamins such as C and B. It is advisable to take one capsule a day to have the right amount. It also contains magnesium, maltodextrin, titanium dioxide.

Yamamoto Nutrition Lipoic-CR

Yamamoto Nutrition Lipoic CR Food Supplement - 100 Capsules
  • Supplement that provides 300 mg of lipoic acid per daily dose
  • Contains chromium
  • It promotes the normal metabolism of macronutrients| ||200
  • Mantiene il livello normale di glucosio nel sangue
  • Quality product

300 grammi di acido ALA per ogni capsula di questo che sembra essere il più economico tra tutto gli integratori: 100 capsule per 11 euro. Che tu sia un atleta che ha bisogno di lavorare sul proprio corpo o una persona che ha voglia di migliorare una dieta che deve essere, ricordiamolo, già piuttosto sana, questo è l’integratore giusto per migliorare la propria esistenza.

Healthy Origins Alpha Lipoic Acid

This supplement costs 31 euros for 150 capsules, it is an English product that seems to be very well dosed. It even seems to be an excellent response of the body to what is a problem such as diabetes 2, managing to keep the amount of sugar in the blood very effectively and therefore lowering blood sugar.

In conclusion, have always keep in mind to talk to your doctor but be, of course, well convinced that this supplement, linked to a healthy diet, can only do you good.


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