Anawangin Cove Review- Nature’s Best place to visit

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Finally, I got the chance to write the Anawangin Cove Review. I was super excited while I start to write about this place. It was a dream for me. Not everyone knows about Anwangin Cove. I am not only writing this for those who do not know about the place, but also for those people too who are willing to go to this beautiful place. Most of us are well known about the Zambales, one of the famous provinces of the Philippines. Multiple beautiful and attractive homes surround Zambales.

I can bet you that you will never get a place like Anwangin Cove. I was so shocked by this place, and I felt that this place is one of the hidden places of nature, entirely untouched by human benign. So you can enjoy the natural beauty here. Just because of the natural beauty, the area attracts many tourists here. It has become the top-visited tourist destination these days. The Philippines is the first rated tourism spot. 


Read the Anawangin Cove Review before you make a trip plan.

Here as I write the Anawangin Cove Review, I will share my experience with you all. Things all you can do there are Swimming, Trekking, Boating, Picnics, Beach sports, exploring, Star Gazing, Camping, Photoshoots, Snorkeling. Let me tell you all some more about the place in detail,


Anawangin Cove is located in San Antonio, the province of Zambales. It faces the South China sea. You can reach the place via boat from San Miguel or barangay Pundaquit.IT will take half an hour boat ride to reach your destination. People who love trekking can trek for 4-6 hours of mt. Pundaquit. Mountaineers love this place. It is a secret gateway for all the mountaineers. People who come to visit Anawangin Cove also go to the Nagsasa, Talisayen, and Sanguine. Nowadays, it has become one of the famous destination spots—a great place for the campaign. The Anawangin river comes from Mount Balingkilat to the South China Sea.


Anawangin Cove Review- the best gift of nature

 This cove has a touch of remoteness. It maintains the serenity, and that’s why it attracts more and more tourists to this place. Before I went to the business, I go through the Anawangin Cove Review. It was handy for me. So I suggest all of you go through this Anawangin Cove Review before making a plan for the place. You can get to the area by boat or by trekking. Ensure you should carry two to three litres of water, as per person needed that much water during summer.

The beach is the most relaxed place in this area. The beach is shallow, and the water is warm here. The rocks are very clean here. If you want to go to the place, try to plan for the weekend, to avoid the crowd. I mostly prefer to go on the weekend. Multiple vendors you will get who sell food over there. The place is the perfect creation of God. It is surrounded by mountains, trees, beaches, rivers, etc. Enjoy the shadow under the trees. But you won’t get any power or signal here. Enjoy the night under the star.


How will the Anawangin Cove Review help you?

In my case, Anawangin Cove Review helped me a lot, and I am happy that I can give you the suggestion of how you can visit the place. I hope this will help you to plan the tour well.


Where is Anawangin?

Anawangin is located in San Antonio.

How can you go to the Anawangin?

You can hire a boat to get there.

Which one is better, Anawangin or Nagasawa?

It varies, but I like Anawangin.

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