Apnea night sleep and obesity

Beingoverweight can lead, over time, todevelop a series of problems directly related to our health. Obesity is one of the predisposing factors for sleep apnea syndrome. It is a disorder that affects about 10% of the population, more or less in all age groups but above all over the age of 40. Despite what is believed, sleep apnea can, over time, increasethe risk of contracting even serious pathologies. It is therefore advisable to quickly evaluate the presence of this type of disorder, in order to be able to cure it as soon as possible.

What are sleep apneas
Sleep apnea can be related totwo types of causes: obstructive and neurological. Neurological causes are decidedly very rare, while obstructive apneas are the most frequent type, together with mixed types: both neurological and obstructive. Basically the cause of this type of apnea isdue to mechanical obstructions present in the upper airways, due to relaxation of the tongue and palate, or of the various parts of soft tissues . The "collapse" of these parts leads to interrupting regular breathing, causing a slight awakening and severe stress for the body. Those suffering from obstructive apnea can get to even have more than 10 interruptions of breathing every hour, which obviously affects the quality of sleep, but not only.

Obesity and obstructive sleep apnea
The causes of obstructive sleep apnea are varied and among these,obesity is indicated among the main predisposing factors, as well as smoking and the habit of drinking alcohol before bedtime . Assuming a more regular lifestyle, trying to avoid substances harmful to health and bringing body weight to a more suitable value are the first behaviors to be encouraged in a person suffering from sleep apnea syndrome. Unfortunately, these expedientsmay decrease the disturbance, but they will hardly solve it at the root.

After having obtained a diagnosis ofobstructive sleep apnea syndrome,the subject is invited to limit alcohol consumption, to stop smoking, or even to use drugs which favor sleep: the relaxing effect can exacerbate sleep apnea. In addition to this, special equipment is now available that allows you to breathe properly again during the night. These are machines which, throughthe use of a nasal mask, favor the passage of air through the subject's airways. This simple therapy allows you to completely eliminatesleep apnea.

Health risks
Many whosleep apnea sufferers don't worry about it at all. In addition to causing direct symptoms during the day, such as headaches, drowsiness and difficulty concentrating, sleep apnea can become very dangerous for your health. In fact, the stress caused by the lack of oxygen favors the onset of pathologiesaffecting the cardio-circulatory system, tripling the risk of stroke. It also appears that sleep apnea is also related to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

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