Arba Travel Review- This Year, Plan Your Exclusive Holiday With Arba

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Are you Planning for a Malasiya tour after a long time? Arba travel Review will guide you through planning your vacation. Arba travel and tour is a reputed Malaysian travel company. In 2017, Arba travel and tour was named as the top 30 SME in the whole of Malaysia.To know more click here

Arba founded in 2014. In the travel industry, Arba is one of the fastest-growing companies. The company started with three employees; now, the company has an average of 200 employees.

The company is located in Putrajaya, Malaysia. I heard about this company two years back. I would highly recommend Arba Travel to all of you who want to visit Malaysia. At that time, it was my first tour with Arba. I salute this company for their best service. I went with my wife for the first time, and I was really nervous, I don’t have any idea about it.

But the tour service provided by Arba Travel was commendable. Not only the company but also their driver, guide and cameraman are also superb. We went to Sabah, and it was a really mind-blowing place to visit. The main reason why I am writing the Arba travel review is, I am really thankful for the Arba Tour and Travel, and I would like to recommend this to everyone.

Arba Travel Review

Short brief about Arba Travel Review

In 2015 Ammar Roslizar and Ammar Shahrin were the founders of Arba Travel. This travel industry is devoted to Halal tourism. The company has multiple Muslim tour guides. The founders research and collaborate with many Halal Friendly restaurants, prayer locations, etc. They have an operational base in Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Malaysia, South Korea, and now they are planning to expand their business in Jakarta.

Why you should hire Arba Travel over others

Safe ride– I read about the Arba travel Review first in an article. I was quite amazed by their service and decided to hire them whenever you are going somewhere. The first thing you should consider is a safe ride. You can book the ride, and if you are running out of money, you can pay later too. You can pay by cash or card. Hire a rental car from the tour company and visit wherever you want. To hire a car, you do not have to deposit any security amount.

Go for the road trip– my wife and I went to Sabah. It was so beautiful and looked like scenery. We just fastened the belt, and the city was 47 km away. There were some coolest attractions. It was ditto as the Arba Travel Review. They are not like other tourism companies where you have to go with other team members; you can go along with your partner and will get all the facilities. You will have a guide, driver, even photographers too.

Hire a car for one month – Many tour companies do not agree when you ask for a car rental for one month. But Arba will provide you car rental for one month without any extra charges.

Arba Travel Review

Covid precaution- In this current situation, everyone is scared and fearful about their travel. When you read my Arba travel Review, you will understand how much they care about your health. They maintain all types of guidelines; before you travel, they will ask for the covid negative test report. Every day they sanitize your hotel room, and the car in which you will travel will check your body temperature every day.

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When was Arba Travel founded?

In the year of 2014 Arba Travel was founded.

Where does Arba travel locate?

Arba Travel is located in Malaysia.

Who is the founder of Arba?

AmmarRoslizar and AmmarShahrin are the founders of Arba

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