Activities physics to lose weight

Every day we seek always ways to help peoplelose weight even with simple methods or with diets, even slightly different forlose weight.

Often, however, people go on a diet, sometimes even very restrictive (excessively low-calorie) because they believe that eating little and going hungry is the only way to lose weight.| ||110

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To lose weight you need to eat and move in the right way. Overweight or obese individuals who really want to lose weight and for this reason lose weight in a healthy and long-term way must necessarily work on two separate fronts: diet and physical activity.

To understand what happens when you lose weight with an excessively restrictive diet we need to understand what a kilo is in terms of energy.

Attività fisica per perdere peso
One kilogram of pure fat mass is represented by approximately 9000 calories (kcal). However, losing 1 kg of pure fat mass is difficult: the body tries to keep fat as much as possible as it considers it an energy reserve. "Burning" fat is only possible if a moderate-calorie diet is adopted, accompanied by a good level of physical exercise.

The kilogram lost with a controlled diet and constant physical activity is represented by approximately 7000 Kcal and consists largely (75-80%) of fat mass and the rest (20-25%) of lean mass.

Instead, if we rely on diets that are too low in calories or too unbalanced (those diets we have already talked about for which we are faced with very few carbohydrates, too much meat, too many vegetables) we do nothing but lose pounds of lean mass.

Not only that, for every kilo of lean mass lost the metabolism is lowered by about 40 kcal.

This thing will lead to the usual enormous difficulty of those who make unbalanced diets, i.e. the more than concrete possibility of gaining weight immediately after having made a drastic diet as soon as one starts to reintegrate foods a little more substantial.

In these conditions it will resume they have the kilos lost with interest because unbalanced or monotonous diets are the first cause of yo-yo syndrome (weight fluctuations characterized by rapid weight loss and rapid recovery, often at a higher level).

Attività fisica per perdere peso
Ricordiamo inoltre che l’attività fisica non solo aiuta a preservare maggiormente la massa magra, ma un determinato allenamento, come sotto descritto, tonifica, rinforza e dona maggiore resistenza ai muscoli.

So whenever in our life we ​​will want to get in shape by losing a few or several kilos we cannot fail to consider doing physical activity because it is only thanks to movement that we can make our weight loss stable.

As I have always tried to tell you the one week diet will not really change your life, instead a balance between food and constant physical activity will change your life.

Consider, then, to change your life radically but constant.

And you? Do you exercise? And if so, what do you like to do?

Running, jogging or something more demanding to do in the gym?

Do you follow a diet that accompanies physical activity? Write it in the comments.


  1. If you need to lose weight you may find it easier to lose weight if you adapt to increasing your physical activity (but beware: 30 minutes of movement per day may not be enough to lose" weight or to maintain it). But motorcycles and food can also be good for other reasons. If you move more, you can also eat more without gaining weight. By expanding the range of daily foods, it is easier for you to fill up on all the substances the body needs.

  2. Sometimes, however, it is not enough just to move to get to one's intentions if first one is not mentally free… everything we do or what we want to do, starts from the head…

  3. A diet must always be balanced and possibly accompanied by healthy physical movement, without exaggerating, even simply walking at the beginning and then more and more quickly, you must never wear yourself out, otherwise you leave immediately and you don't go far. Consistency is true strength.

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