Increase muscle mass: what to eat

Increase muscle mass of one's body (the thin one, of course) is a desire of many.

Why is this such a popular lens?

And what is thecorrect diet to achieve these results in a short time and, above all, maintain them in the long term?

L’aumento della massa muscolare produce significant benefits. First of all aesthetics, with a more toned, strong and well-groomed body, with defined muscles.

But there are also sports and health benefits. In fact, muscle mass produces greater athletic ability totackle the various sports disciplines, but it is also synonymous with goodhealth| ||119.

Toreach this goal, as suggested by the blog, there is a need both to develop specific training, but also to associate it with a balanced diet, which includes certain foods and avoids others .

What you need to know

To increase your muscle mass first of all you need perseverance, application and a conscious lifestyle choice. In fact, it is not just a matter of doing this or that meal or of carrying out a greater number of repetitions for that exercise. It is a choice that involves the body and the person at 360° and this choice also has as a consequence that relating tofoods to be used in one's diet.

La dieta deve essere innanzitutto personalizzata. Esistono, come vedremo, una serie di useful advice, but then you need to intervene on your muscle mass, withtargeted interventions, figli della propria età, condizione fisica, situazione di salute, eccetera.

Useful advice for planning your own diet

A first useful advice to follow and to integrate into any type of diet to increase muscle mass is the one related tohydration.

You need todrink lots of water and you need at least two liters a day.

Another piece of advice concerns the number and the frequency of meals. We are used to thinking that to lose weight and increase muscle mass you need to eat less; in reality you have to eat well and activate the metabolism. For this reason it may be useful to have 6 meals a day, spread out over the course of the day and also including snacks in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

The most important meal to eat is the first of the day:breakfast. This must be rich in proteins, so as to give enough energy to better face the day and not find yourself after a few hours with the classic attack of hunger that produces the effect of resorting to a disordered diet.

What foods to eat

As regards the choice of foods, it is necessary to avoidthe consumption of alcoholic beverages, diet drinks (which do not lead to an increase in muscle mass), too refined foods such as those rich insugars and carbohydrates. On the other hand, vegetables, proteins with a high biological value and carbohydrates with a low glycemic index are to be integrated into one's diet. When developing a personalized diet, a lot also depends onthe type of training being carried out, thus choosing foods also according to the athletic goals one wishes to pursue.

Remember that the diet to increase muscle mass must have at leastthree objectives: increase in actual mass,maintenance of mass lean and, again,performance improvement. All these objectives must be pursued together in a coherent and correct manner, without any kind of exasperation that would produce dangerous imbalances.

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