Bars Proteins without Carbohydrates or Low Carb

Who of us hasn't found ourselves in the position of having only 3 minutes to eat?

3 minutes are very few to eat, let alone if you also have the need to prepare your own meal.

Well, in this case there is a convenient, comfortable solution.

Let's see what it is.

Let's continue to talk, in this article about protein bars and in this specific case aboutprotein bars without carbohydrates or low carb .

Launching myself into the world of protein bars, I discovered many things, if you remember in fact, I also wrote an article aboutlactose-free protein bars.|| |116

La prima, sicuramente la più importante, è che ce ne sono centinaia.

All similar but at the same time quite different if we are careful to look closely at the labels.

As in all products intended for food use reading the labels is essential to understand if the product we are going to ingest contains all nutrients and healthy foods or something absolutely not suitable for our health such as preservatives or dyes.

Eachprotein bar it is used as a meal replacement or to give more energy before or after training.

Each bar usually contains 40% protein, the 30% carbohydrates and 30% fat, the good ones of course.

But the scheme can sometimes be changed.

List of the best Low Carb Protein Bars

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Today, in fact, I want to introduce you to protein barslow carb.

Esistono, appunto, anche le barrette proteiche che hanno nella loro composizione un basso apporto di carboidrati:  le cosiddette LOW CARB, in inglese bassi carboidrati.

These bars disregard the scheme I explained to you earlier of 40-30-30 and  contain up to 50% of proteins.

Instead of containing carbohydrates, they containpolyalcohols such as maltitol and sorbitol.| ||167

In questo caso il nostro organismo non riesce ad assimilare completamente i polialcoli che sono dei glucidi, degli zuccheri della frutta.

Unlike other sugars, such as fructose for example, these carbohydrates they have a longer period of absorption, therefore remaining longer in our body they can take the place of carbohydrates as a release of energy.

Barrette Proteica senza Carboidrati o Low Carb

We must, however,understand how many and what proteins a low carb bar contains, given that they have a higher percentage, and how many and which sugars, precisely carbohydrates, it contains.

An excellent low carb protein bar contains what are called noble proteins such as milk protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and calcium caseinate.

Lactose intolerant may consider protein of meat or egg.

As regards sugars, on the other hand, being replaced by polyalcohols they will have a lower sweetening power but will still lead to an increase in insulin production by not raising the blood sugar level.|| |182

Queste barrette vanno usate, per questo motivo, con moderazione (1-max 2 al giorno) perché esagerare con i polialcoli porta un effetto lassativo potente.

As always and as I have already written in this article by checking the label you will have the key in your hand to understand whether the bar is good or not.

Another characteristic of low carb is that it has very little fat.

If, however, in search for the lost flavor will be used l flavoring ingredients long storage or not particularly healthy forget it, that won't be the right product for you.

Now I want to know: do you use protein bars?

And if so, have you ever tried protein bars protein without carbohydrates?

I want to know all your experiences, write them in the comments!