E Is it true that drinking water makes you lose weight? Yes, but you have to do this

The water is the most important part of your diet.

But a lot of people end up drinking coffee or soda even in the morning, during breakfast.

E questo di certo non è bene.

Is it true that water makes you lose weight?

Of course it does, but we also need to know how to do it and what to do to get the most out of it from drinking water.

Let's see how and how to lose weight, even just thanks to water.

We are made of water

E' vero che bere acqua fa dimagrire Sì, ma devi fare così: siamo fatti di acqua

Our body, like that of many animals on Earth, and the Earth itself, is 70% water.

Yet there are a lot of people, almost 75%, who don't drink enough, who are dehydrated.

The first mistake is precisely what we make at breakfast, with coffee or a little sugary drink that we drink instead of water, water that purifies and sprays all the organs of our body o.

Dr.Joel Fuhrman, a rather successful American doctor, maintains that many diseases can be cured even if only by fasting and drinking water for a few days.

Because water, as a miraculous source, enters the body and cleanses.

But now let's find out how and how much water is good for our body every day, with constant use instead of drinks that do more harm than good.

Ingesting liquid sugars produces empty calories, without nutrients, just meaningless calories.

Let's choose water then, to live better.

What is water for

E' vero che bere acqua fa dimagrire Sì, ma devi fare così: a cosa serve l'acqua

The interesting rule for understanding how fundamental water can be is that many people cannot distinguish dehydration from hunger.

Drinking therefore induces a sense of satiety which is essential to start the day in the best possible way.

Drink a glass of water accompanying your toast with jam in the morning, ti sen I will pull full longer.

If the purpose of drinking is to lose weight, know thatwater gives a crazy metabolic boost.

Better if fresh (not too much, a few degrees below room temperature is fine) because this forces our body to use energy to heat it.

Your metabolism will increase up to 30% when you drink water on an empty stomach.| ||154

Rallenta poi la digestione, velocizzando il bruciare i grassi.

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With water on an empty stomach, red blood cells are stimulated, so there is a renewed energy with each glass, more than coffee, like a slap in the face.

Increasing blood cells increases the oxygen transported to the brain, which in turn increases energy.

=Water has no calories, it is perfect for dieting, it fills up and hydrates, reducing swelling due to water retention.

Increasing the metabolism burns calories suddenly and therefore is a powerful allyfor the loss of weight.


Water is a miracle, for this reason almost all living organisms are composed of water, certainly not by chance.

E’ un sollievo e un bene primario.

We have seen how it is possible to lose weight, speed up the metabolism, cure diseases even with just water.

The water as a source of life and satiety, water as a happy ally of our life change.

My advice is to start the day with a glass of water to give energy to our body, to set in motion all the combinations that make us feel healthy and fit.

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