How burn calories walking? The calculation is simple if you know how to do it.

Quanta gente vedi per strada che cammina e suda?

And maybe you say that you would like to do it too?

So you have no more excuses.

Indeed today I plan to tell you about a feasible goal, for everyone who needs to feel fit and lose weight.

You don't need to be a professional athlete, because you have to know that you can || |111bruciare calorie camminando.

Well, if your goal is to lose some weight, and get back in shape, this article it will explain to you how to burn calories while walking.

And I will explainhow to calculate it how many calories our body burns taking one step after another.

Do you burn calories walking?

The first question to ask yourself is this, if you burn calories by walking and if, in a short time, concrete results can be seen.

The first rule he spoke aboutJessica Smith, fitness guru USA è che chiunque può farlo, non abbiamo bisogno di un fisico pazzesco o di un equipaggiamento per iniziare.

It's easy on the joints and can help incontrol appetite because unlike running, walking leads you to be less hungry.

Erin Palinski-Wade, author of Walking the off weight for Dummies she says walking works for nearly every body because the activity level doesn't put strain on the muscles, it articulates them tions and the heart but if you suffer from some chronic problem it is better to ask our doctor what we should do.

In fact, when we find ourselves feeling some pain it is better to pass some tests before any situation can put us in difficulty then.

=Walking, however, in principle, is good for everyone.

It is a panacea for the joints and circulation, in addition to weight loss.

Even just half an hour a day leaves our body trained and our mind relaxed.

Correct clothing

Come bruciare calorie camminando Il calcolo è semplice se sai come farlo.: abbigliamento corretto

Your doctor said that you can safely embark on your daily walk?

Well, then the next stop is to go to a sporting goods or shoe store and pick up a pair of high quality sneakers.

Let's talk about a really good pair of shoes.

There are shops that do foot analysis and what you have to do and the ris The result is the right shoe for you.

Smith recommends always taking half a size larger than the ones you use for work since feet tend to swell when walking.

Walking, therefore, does not require a wardrobe full of expensive sportswear, but you should choose light shoes, with a grippy sole that does not slip on the sidewalk or where we decide to go for a walk.

Cercate di vestirvi sempre con tessuti traspiranti che assorbano il sudore per il massimo del comfort, asciutti e liberi dai fastidi.

Choose stretches of road that are not exactly flat but do not immediately launch yourself uphill or crazy descents, and, above all, in the cold season, dress in layers to gradually undress during training.

The great evil, the one we have to fight especially at the beginning, is the combination of sweat and movement that can leave the skin on the body irritated.

S You need Vaseline that glides or a plant-based balm.

Use between your legs, on your neck, arms, or anywhere else on your body where you're prone to painful rubbing.

Choose socks that do their job and that don't slip or are too short, because you could create blisters.

If so, use one of those specific plasters, such as Compeed, which prevent new irritation and relieve pain.

Start slowly

Come bruciare calorie camminando Il calcolo è semplice se sai come farlo.: comincia piano

Our goal for burning calories is to walk 30 to 60 minutes most days but we need to think about starting slowly .

If we don't have a workout behind us, starting strong makes no sense, it's completely counterproductive, we need to walk even just 10 minutes to start putting our body into circulation.

Ogni settimana aumenteremo il nostro sforzo di 5 minuti così che daremo al nostro corpo la possibilità di adattarsi senza rischiare lesioni pericolose.

Palinski-Wade says if the half hour feels really heavy at first we can divide our effort in 10-minute segments.

The important thing is to keep up the pace and stick to a consistent program to build endurance and walk faster without effort.

Researchers in Ohio have found that if you decide to vary your pace, there is chance of losing 20 percent more calories than at a steady pace, so we should also try to schedule a variation of a flat ride every day.

Remember that with any variation you decide to have to do there are some new pains that you will find yourself working with.

Let's talk about pain in the calves if you walk uphill or small muscle pains due to exertion.

Try to have ice at home to put on sore parts or cooling packs like Therapearl which are very suitable for small injuries.

Take a day of rest, however, if the pain alters your gait or limits your movements or if pains occur around in the joints and not just in the muscles.

Pain directly behind the kneecap, around the Achilles tendon, or in your ankles or hips could mean that we are going beyond our capabilities.

Se un paio di giorni di riposo e formazione di ghiaccio non risolvono questi problemi, vedete un fisioterapista per un consulto.

To ward off the worst pains think about forcing yourself only once a week and then gradually more, without rushing.

Track your progress

We stay motivated and track our progress.

No need to keep a list detailed with the times as if we were preparing for the marathon.

But just write down how long, how many kilometers, what slope there was, if we walk on the treadmill.

And then, this is essential, marking progress means having a keen eye on the small changes that you will begin to see on the body and this will make everything will finally make sense.

Make it fun

Come bruciare calorie camminando Il calcolo è semplice se sai come farlo.: rendilo divertente

Choose a gym partner if you do treadmills or a friend to go running with.

Download Latin or rock music on your mp3 player to make your walk a real movie soundtrack.

The rest is all in your hands.

You can download one ofthose super cool apps that draw your route and act as a calorie counter, a pedometer, they also mark the time you've spent.

This is fun and creates a track on which to confront yourself to be happy with what you are doing and the changes your body is experiencing.

Now let's look at a couple of workouts that you can do.

Camminata veloce

Let's look at fast walking as the first type of training.

Fast walking has great benefits.

  • Ideal cardiovascular workout
  • It can be done anywhere
  • The intensity à can be easily altered
  • Great way to start heart rate monitoring

We should also think about walking fast with proper technique.

First we need to walk upright , fully straight, then keep your abs tight to better hold your back.

Use your arms to swing them in time with your stride.

Bend your elbows to 90 degrees.

Always place your heel on the ground first and then push off with your toes, glutes and hamstrings.

Once you have mastered the technique, you must maintain a constant, natural pace.

If you maintain a certain natural pace, you can burn 115 calories per couple of kilometers, like someone who does jogging.

Walking uphill

Come bruciare calorie camminando Il calcolo è semplice se sai come farlo.: camminata in salita

There are ways you can modify walking to make it more effective for weight loss.

Walking uphill is a great way to lose weight and stay fit.

If you have a hill nearby, it's a nice way to equip yourself for activity.

If you don't have one, a treadmill with variable slope is enough.

Obviously don't set off quickly as if you had to climb Nanga Parbat, always go slowly, follow your natural rhythm and don't do it for too long.

Calculation of calories burned per km

The factors that determine the quality of calories burned while doing physical activity depend on a lot of factors.

For example, our weight, the time traveled and the intensity of the walk.

It is therefore difficult to give indicative values.

My advice is to use a very comfortable and simple to use tool like the one you can reachby clicking here.

In the meantime, I can tell you that to burn 200 calories, a man weighing 70kg must walk at a speed of 5 km per hour for around 36 minutes ( indicative table follows).

  • 300 calories (54 minutes)
  • 400 calories (72 minutes)
  • 500 calories (90 minutes)
  • 1000 calorie (180 minuti)


Every step we take in making our life better is a step earned and never as in this case the word step is not by chance.

Burning calories by walking is an easy way to feel good and improve yourself. Burning calories in such a natural way is a great achievement and it is also a non-expensive way of doing sport every day.

We should learn that walking is a rule of life and not just a diet moment to carry on to lose a few kilos.

Our goal is not just to lose weight, it is to stay fit and happy with ourselves.

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