Fall of hair: when to worry?

The thinning and more or less consistent loss of hair has always been a fairly frequent phenomenon, which may depend on various reasons, not onlyphysical but alsopsychological , including stress and an uneven pace of life. To solve it, or at least to limit it, it is of fundamental importance to take into consideration, even before the aesthetics,the reason that triggered it.

Each hair develops througha life cycle of three phases:maturation inside the hair follicle, thebirth and the progressiveweakening, until the moment in which a new hair is ready to replace the old one.

This mechanism causes a continuous renewal of the hair, which does not lose volume thanksto the balance between falling out and regrowth. If, for any moment, this balance is compromised, the result is that ofexcessive hair loss of hair and its consequent thinning. In fact, hair loss even higher than normal but accompanied by regular regrowth, with the consequent maintenance of the volume of the hair, should not be a source of concern.

In relation to the various causes that cause hair loss hair, it is possible to resort tospecific therapies and treatments, from the application oflotions curative, to products || |130farmacologici ornatural. In particular, when one thinks of natural products, one of the sites to take into consideration isinversaonlus.it where the editorial staff constantly creates a series of || |136recensioni sugli integratori e sui rimedi naturali to be able to face and overcome the problems caused by various pathologies, includinghair loss.

Before analyzing which are the best remedies for hair loss, let's understand what the causes and symptoms may be.

The main causes of hair loss hair

Excessive hair loss, and relatedthinning, can occur, as has been said, for various reasons, some of which, all physiological and natural,resolve themselves after a short time. Inautumn almost everyone witnesses a greater loss of hair, often due to external stresses in the summer, such ashot, il sun andthe water marine, at thestress|| |160 psicologico provocato dal rientro dalle vacanze e ad eating habits not exactly correct.

A period ofsudden and consistent fall and a relativeweakening of the hair, which appear dry, thin and fragile, it occurs in some particularly stressful periods in the life ofa woman: thechildbirth ,breastfeeding,menopause, interruption of contraceptive therapycontraccettiva oral. The same phenomenon, both in women and men, can depend on unpleasant or dramatic events and periods offatigue psychophysical. In all these situations, hair lossresolves spontaneously after a few weeks, to help return to normal it is important to take carenutrition|| |184, privilegiando prodotti freschi e naturali.

When, on the contrary, the hair tends to fall outless intense but chronic, for no apparent reason, the cause can be of a different nature: fromshortage food to imbalancehormonal, from | ||193depressione infectious pathologiesdermatological, as well as it could be linked to the use of certaindrugs or to apredisposition genetics.

Lackof iron and protein, problems withthyroid andskin diseases are often the basis of thinning hair and constant hair loss over time, phenomena ofallergy and diseasesautoimmune can createpatchy hair loss, forming large empty areas.

Inmen we must also consider the typicalmale hormonal situation which causesandrogenetic alopecia, and consequently the characteristicbaldness, a problem that also affects a certain percentage ofwomen in the period following themenopause.

If you notice even slight but persistent hair losslieve ma protratta or unusual hair lossfrailty, si raccomanda di correre subito ai ripari individuando la causa del problema per capire quale possa essere il trattamento ideale. Occorre però considerare che spesso, all’inizio, la perdita dei capelli is not evident enough and when it becomes visible it is more difficult to remedy: for this reasonprevenzione turns out to be the ideal solution.

Natural remedies and prevention for hair loss

To avoid the problem ofun’alopecia by now too advanced, it is advisable first of allto prevent the problem. As we said, achange in the texture and vitality of the hair, as well as asense of itching and discomfort al cuoio capelluto, possono essere i primi segnali di un problema dermatologico o di uno squilibrio che può portare alla perdita di capelli. 

A useful precaution above all for those who have to supportfast rhythms of life and stressful is to take care ofnutrition|| |256, evitare i prodotti detergenti too aggressive and possibly resort to afood supplement based on minerals and vitamins. It is also important to avoid excessive exposureto the sun as well as protect the hair from the waterswimming pool or thesea.

To avoid stressful situations today is practically impossible, however for those prone to anxiety disorders it is useful to practice a relaxing sport and try to spend more time outdoors.

Tra i natural remedies they are particularly effective:

  • Arginine: it is one of the main elements necessary for the growth of hair bulbs;
  • Apple cider vinegar which, usually used to rinse the hair, reduces the formation of dandruff and seborrheic secretions;
  • Fenugreek|| |279: è un ottimo rimedio per prevenire la caduta dei capelli e al contempo stimola la loro crescita.
  • Tea tree oil, ideal for eliminating excess sebum from the scalp;
  • Rosemary essential oil, which stimulates circulation and promotes hair regrowth;
  • Henna, often used as a natural colour, it is also an excellent care for strengthening and nut hair and rebalance the structure of the scalp;
  • Magnesium,zinc and vitamins of group B are the essential nutrients for the beauty of the hair, it is possible to take them through a balanced diet or, if necessary, resort to a food supplement.
  • Serenoa: intervenes in the cycle of transformation of testosterone into DHT, the production of which is one of the main causes of hair loss due to miniaturization or alopecia;

As far as natural products containing these active ingredients are concerned, one of the best-selling products, as confirmed by the InversaOnlus staff, is Foltina Plus hair lotion, which, according to the opinions of users and experts, really seems to be one of the most popular in the absolute, especially for its100% natural composition and the total absence of contraindications for the scalp.

Obviously, as in any other case, before resorting to supplements or other products, even if of natural origin, it is advisable to investigate the causes of hair loss and possibly seek the advice of a specialist.

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