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We are in fact convinced that in order to lose weight and have a healthy body it is necessary to control not only what we eat, but also how we behave.

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Dr. Emilio Chininea

Dott.re Emilio Chininea“I am a dietician, specialized in food science, who also deals with nutrition outside working hours. I look at labels, I comb through hidden ingredients, I analyze nutritional characteristics to myself. I keep myself constantly updated by participating in numerous conferences in the sector.

I have been carrying out my profession for more than 7 years, developing personalized food plans for many types of patients: sportsmen, overweight, obese and with various metabolic pathologies. Together with the outpatient activity, I teach nutrition in private professional courses and I also carry out nutritional consultancy in pharmacies.

My mission is to generate psychophysical well-being and concrete results. The ability to change mood, self-acceptance and physical performance (in sports) with diet alone are the things that gratify me the most at a working level. I try to make people understand that food is not just a calculation of calories and a sense of guilt, but pleasure and a way to feel good.

This is why I cannot conceive diets that literally make one "starve to death" or that completely eliminate carbohydrates. The diet should help you lose weight, not lose weight.”

2006: Degree in Dietetics – Faculty of Medicine and Surgery – University of Messina | ||139

2009: Master in "Nutrition and functional foods" - Faculty of "Food Science and Technology" - University of Bologna - Cesena Campus

2018: Master's degree in Food Sciences – School of Human Health Sciences – University of Florence

SITE: | ||148http://www.ildietistaonline.com
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ildietistaonline/
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emilio-chininea-26903456/

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