Enema to lose weight? It may seem strange but it works….

Nowadays we hear all sorts of things .

News that seems true even if it is false and news that seems false even if it is true.

And what I am about to tell you is no exception.

Ogni donna, ogni uomo, ha nella testa una sua idea di perfezione fisica. E questa idea di perfezione va certamente considerata in tanti modi differenti.

One of the most recognized ways of perfection and well-being isto stay in shape , with oneself and with one's body.

Mens sana in corpore sano, as our Latin ancestors said.

And whatways are there to lose weight?

Surely there are diets, which we will talk about in a later section.

Surely there is a need to dodella bella attività fisica costante, to be coupled with a diet.

There are certainly methods that are not exactly famous or orthodox but which are very effective.

In in recent years the trend of theenema for weight loss has emerged, a sort of intestinal detoxification which, if used with a certain moderation, also has its own reason.

Now let's see together what these enemas are and what other methods of losing weight are.

Here are some of the m the best enemas on the market

The enema to lose weight|| |219

In questi ultimi anni i clisteri sono diventati sempre più famosi come metodo per dimagrire. Secondo alcuni studi, chiaramente favorevoli, una persona che si sottopone a un slimming enema can also lose 2 kilograms of weight in a single treatment.

Diciamo che nell’idea principale, che è molto interessante, il clistere serve ad eliminare le tossine che si sono accumulate tra colon e intestino.

By eliminating them, we practically give more space to the vitamins and minerals contained in the foods, so by causing a faecal jolt we have given space to nutrients, leaving out what is not good for us.

It should also improve metabolism by accelerating it and improve intestinal function, also managing to take root more fat deposits deep.

The only thing, however, that should be clarified from the outset, is that the enema is a medical procedure and as such should always and only be considered possible with a doctor's prescription and supervision.
Abusing this procedure leads to the opposite effect, that is, it slows down the metabolism so much that the next step can even be obesity.

Frequent enemas can also lead to obvious heart problems, because it we release magnesium and potassium which are also essential for keeping the heart normal in size and with regular beats.

So no to the mistake of an extreme do-it-yourself just to lose weight.

Diets for weight loss

The canonical method for losing weight is to go on a diet, like so many you can find ondietagratis.com. We just have to choose which diet is best for us, always bearing in mind that we don't want to lose 10 kilograms in a week but trying to keep the goal and also the feasibility of this goal clear from the outset.

Without getting discouraged or giving up at the first difficulty, diets, or at least a balanced and controlled diet, should be the foundation for a peaceful life.

Physical activity for weight loss

Physical activity is a beautiful habit, not only within acomplete weight loss program but even just to keep fit, improve circulation, tone up your legs and arms, lose some belly fat.

So at least 3 times a week, between the gym and the outdoors, and without exaggerating, especially if you don't if you are able to maintain high rhythms, I advise you to lose 30, 40 minutes to ensure that your body is trained and toned.


We started from enemas to lose weight which make sense only if they are checked by a doctor and are prescribed by a doctor and then come to weight loss diets and physical activity, which is good regardless, even if you don't need to lose weight.

Because true self-care is the one that leads the person to feel good and to accept himself, both mentally and physically.

The canons of perf ection vary from person to person, you just have to understand what the point of well-being of each of us is, with all the food and physical skills to understand what is good and what is bad.

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