How train your mind to eat only good things

How is it possible that every When you are faced with the choice between eating a healthy meal and one full of fat, do you always find yourself eating what is bad for you?

The problem could be in your head and in the way you think about a healthy food and aeffective weight loss diet.

Sure, you could also tell yourself that it's time to eat more vegetables, but you tell me When has eating vegetables ever been considered pleasant or enjoyable for your brain?

This can happen first of all because you don't believe that you can change the way you eat.

And then because you have certain beliefs on foods that are really hard to get rid of.

But when it comes to staying healthy you have to make sacrifices, and then, you can train your brain to love healthy foods.

Il cervello

Come allenare la tua mente per mangiare solo cose buone: il cervello

Alcuni studiosi hanno cercato di fare degli esperimenti su delle persone in sovrappeso controllando con una risonanza magnetica funzionale il cervello dei partecipanti e dando loro cibo differente.

One group had a high-protein diet and fiber with little calorie intake per day.

Another group tried to maintain themselves on only fewer calories per day by always eating the same things they were used to.

After six months the group that he had changed his diet and lost 10 kilos, the one who had kept his habits only 2.

The functional magnetic resonance however highlighted the fact that the brain lights up and releases dopamine in front of a large slice of pizza or a photo of a dessert and certainly not in front of a plate of vegetables.

But while in the group that changed habits, after 6 months, the brain also started working in front of foods healthy, the group that ate the same dishes in the following 6 months did not change their minds and showed interest only in unhealthy foods.

It is as if it was instilled in us, right from the beginning, that french fries are delicious and wholemeal bread sucks.

But these conditionings can be eliminated.

Let's see how.

Focus on the best foods

If we want to get away from bad habits we must absolutely learn what else there is to eat e.

These are natural and unprocessed foods that are the best answer for our health.

Let's see what they are.

Meat: Humans have been eating meats such as beef, pork, chicken, and lamb for thousands of years. The best choice of meat is that of pasture-raised cattle and not genetically modified or pumped with hormones.

Fish: Oily fish that are high in omega 3 and protein, as well as other nutrients, they must be consumed every week.

Eggs: Eggs are some of the most nutritious foods on the planet – especially the yolk. They are high in protein.

=Vegetables: Vegetables are essential every day being rich in fiber and nutrients which are amazing for our body.

Fruit: fruit can be eaten raw and is full of vitamins and mineral salts. However, remember to eat sugary fruit in moderation.

Nuts and seeds: nuts and seeds are perfect as snacks because they fight bad cholesterol.

Fats and oils: some oils, such as olive and coconut are perfect because they are rich in omega 3.

=Are they or aren't they quite a few foods?|| |180

Perfetti per darsi da fare e cambiare un po’ di abitudini pessime.

Breaking Bad Habits

Come allenare la tua mente per mangiare solo cose buone: eliminare le cattive abitudini

The step of banishing may seem impossible for many people (especially if you have an eating disorder or food addiction).

But you can try eliminating the wrong foods right away.

Of course, it won't be easy at first, it will take some time.

Here are some right tricks.

Learning to hate junk food

Let's learn to understand why your brain craves junk food, even because it certainly doesn't love it.

E’ tutto un’operazione pubblicitaria: il nostro cervello si convince che quel cibo colante grasso sia indispensabile per lui, perché tutto nasce dalla propensione della tv o degli spot a vivere quel cibo come godimento.

Then let's get down to business also in the head that many people do not have time to cook and it is much easier to go to a fast food restaurant.

Removing all temptations

This step is very interesting because you can also decide not to go out to eat but if at home we have 20 packs of crisps and a healthy ice cream in the freezer that doesn't help us.

Let's make sure to clean up our c kitchen throwing out the door all the foods that may tempt us or that are unhealthy.

Make it a ritual to eat healthy food

For many people eating is accompanied by a certain ritual.

Some people wake up in the morning and drink a sugary energy drink instead of coffee.

We need to learn how to replace unhealthy rituals with healthy ones.

Instead of go to the vending machine let's go for a 10-minute walk eating an apple.

You can also go to a restaurant and eat healthy dishes and not crap.

Learn to recognize foods| ||221

Impariamo a conoscere e a riconoscere gli elementi nutritivi e i punti a favore e a sfavore di ognuno degli alimenti che abbiamo di fronte.

This will also make it easier to control yourself and eat things that are good for you.| ||225

Anche al supermercato sarà più facile fare la spesa senza riempire il carrello di cibi trasformati industrialmente che fanno male.


The journey that our brain takes is a journey that must be listened to and from which one can learn to take the steps to love and love oneself better which is what I am telling you for almost a year.

You can change habits, you have to learn to love your body and understand how it works in order to then have to deal with a relationshippersonalized with eating and with food, without thinking that the things that are good for others are good for you.

You need to get informed to protect yourself and to love yourself even more, this is the truth.| ||243

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