How avoid burnout syndrome?

Recent statistics place emphasis and attention on a very important matter. In fact, it emerged that most of the workers involved declared that part of the daily stress is linked to the working and professional sphere.

We speak of burnout, using an English term that means melted or burnt, to indicate the set of symptoms that derive from acondition of chronic and persistent stress associated exclusively with the working context.

Theburnout syndrome depends on the individual's subjective response to a particularly demanding professional and working situation which also requires the use of energies and forces that are not in possession of the same.

How to prevent burnout syndrome?

The answer to this important question is very simple; fundamental turns out to be theprevention.

 Burnout syndrome can affect any worker who is unable to handle stress in the workplace.

Certainly, the causes and factors that can contribute to the appearance of this syndrome are many and involve various levels and levels of life of the person concerned.

Returning to the importance of prevention, it should be emphasized thatthe syndrome in question is preceded and anticipated by a series of signals that should not be underestimated, in order to intervene suddenly and promptly, thus avoiding the worsening of the general situation.

Clinical studies have demonstrated, in this sense, the importance of treating symptoms right from the moment of onset. This, in fact, turns out to be a real salvation even for those who are affected by other pathologies, including problems related to carrying out heavy, tiring or emotionally too onerous work.
The syndrome can compromising not only the professional production aspect, but also relationships with colleagues and ruining the environment in which one operates.

What are the tips to follow to avoid burnout?

In order to avoid falling into the trap of work-related stress, it is appropriate and recommended to follow some advice in order to protect yourself and your health.

The first and most important precaution concernsrest.Experts advise and underline the importance of sleeping at least seven hours a night.

Of course, ahealthy lifestyleis indicated and recommended. Proper nutrition,practicing sport are excellent allies in preventing burnout. In particular, sport helps to release the tension and stress accumulated during the day. The benefits, in this sense, are also found outside the strictly professional sphere.

It is also necessaryto listen to your bodyand the signals it sends. In fact, it would be a serious mistake to go beyond one's limits, requiring the use of energy to achieve unreasonable goals. Therefore, it is also important to setnon-utopian but realistic goals.In this regard, in fact, posing as the achievement of important and demanding objectives without taking into account the time factor could turn out to be a path that causes stress and subjects one to the risk of burnout.

It often happens that one concentrates solely and exclusively on work and professional fulfilment. This error, because it turns out to be such in the long run, can be avoided by setting limits and clearly indicating the boundary betweenprivate life and professional life.

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