How lose weight by eating vegetable soups

Do we need to lose weight?

Do we need to get back in touch with our true selves by following innovative mental and physical paths?

So let's start radically changing the way we think about food and how to cook this food.

We have discovered over the last few years that eating vegetable soup in acontrolled and personalized diet.

Today we understand better why this thing can only be good for you and even if it seems like it's a trendy diet, that doesn't mean it's not good for you.

We assume that everything it's good if we are careful about what we eat, the ingredients used and in moderation.

Let's see how it's good for you, let's see how you can live better.

Soups and their main characteristics

Come perdere peso mangiando zuppe vegetali: le zuppe e le loro caratteristiche principali

We have not gained those 20 kilos in one day and we must accept that we certainly do not lose 20 kilos in just one day.

We have to think about the fact that there are ways and moments to think about your diet and how to lose weight in a healthy way.

Soup is one of those ideas that can change our lives.

First of all because we have to do with a dish that contains only healthy foods (of course, if we start placing pork rind or spicy sausage with potatoes in it, it is no longer a soup) and then because the soup itself has a very low calorie content.

A vegetable soup has only 40 calories and can be used both as a main meal (which is what I recommend) and as appetizer before a protein meal to satiate before.

We are, in fact, dealing with a dish that does nothing but be satiating, because inside there are usually very interesting foods from the point of view of health and diet.

A chicken soup will have the right proteins to accelerate the metabolism andthermogenesis of the food.

Una zuppa di verdure avrà nel suo interno le fibers perfect for regulating the intestines and slowing down digestion in order to stay fuller for longer.

In short, diet is a question of the combination of foods and, above all, a question of the mind.

We can also think of deceiving ourselves for a long time with soups which are vegetable purees but which are super seasoned or full of cheese.

But this won't help.

Change in our life starts from the brain, certainly not only from our body.

E partendo dal presupposto che ogni vita sia differente è anche chiaro che ogni situazione sia differente e come tale vada affrontata.

A working mother of two may not have the time to buy organic food in order to prepare a nice nutritious soup , at this point there is a need for a soup that is ready but which has the great quality of the elements inside it but, above all, the right combination of elements.

The soup fights water retention and it helps diuresis.

Being liquid and warm, it does nothing but nourish and drain at the same time and this is the best because with fibers that are slow to digest, they allow less fat and sugar to be absorbed and this is a benefit for those suffering from cholesterol or diabetes.

Soup diet

Come perdere peso mangiando zuppe vegetali: dieta della zuppa

It is not a real diet with calculations and calories to think about.

Mainly we find ourselves dealing with various vegetable soups (pea, potato, broad bean, len ticks) that are combined with various foods throughout the day, favoring proteins as another meal to eat in a healthy way.

We just need to vary, to season our soups a little, to rely on a about 1200 calories and wait for the weight to decrease gradually.

A healthy diet allows you to lose weight, about one to one and a half kilos a week.

In a study published by Appetite magazine, in 2007, 60 adults of normal weight were given a "proper diet setup" with a sort of experiment in which they were given a low-calorie soup before lunch for five weeks.

After consuming the soup these people were served their main meal.

This type of experiment led to consuming 20% ​​more calories thanks to the draining and satiating aspect at the time same as soup as an appetizer.


In no way should we think that soup, by itself, can help you lose weight.

But certainly, if you have the right mentality, this is a dish that can help a lot in weight loss.

It manages to satiate and at the same time lead our body to lose fluids immediately.|| |183

Se vogliamo perdere peso in maniera sana e in poco tempo non possiamo non pensare a un elemento così semplice ma così nutriente al tempo stesso come la zuppa.

Whether it is homemade or purchased, we try always to better think about what is contained within it and how much this is good for our body and mind.



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