How take care of yourself: 7 useful tips

When it comes totake care of yourselfwe always have in mind, in general, what can help us but we never focus, with a cold mind, what are the actions to do to improve one's life.| ||105

Per questa ragione, in questo articolo ti daremo 7 useful tipsto improve your care and to live better,in health and happier.

Monitor your health

The first, and most important piece of advice to follow, ismonitor your health.How?

First of all, we can become more aware of the signals that our body gives us thanks to articles on health and well-being like the ones we can find

And not only that: awareness will lead us to discover differences or anomalies, will make us book routine tests to check our status and will allow us to go to the doctor as often as we need doubts, suspicious pains or some extra annoyance.

Learning to know each other is not so obvious and it takes a little perseverance and a little attention.

Take some time time for you

Even a simplemassage, atreatment,a day in aspascan make the difference in a stressful routine like the one many of us experience every day.

A deep Thai massage, a session with a Swedish, an oriental massage with hot stones, there they will relieve stress instantly, giving us great energy and allowing us to recharge the batteries consumed by work and by bills and commitments to be respected.

Taking a break from time to time is not only good for our body but also to our mind which oxygenates and takes a breath, cutting the nervousness that we have been carrying around for some time and which no longer allows us to be as serene as we would like.

Eat in a healthy and balanced way

The body is nourished from within, this is something we have to think about and that we have to make ours, not only in moments when we feel weighed down or have some wrong value but as a lifestyle.| ||154

Possiamo prendere spunto da diete famose come la keto, the Atkins diet or the Mediterranean(which is very close to our everyday way of eating ) or apply more extreme food styles such asvegetarian or vegan,which will allow us to eat only vegetables or vegetables and animal derivatives without meat or fish.

In case of deficiencies we can usefood supplementswhich are increasingly specific and quality.

Nature can be of great help to you

Nature can also be of great help and we can help each other out thanks tomany natural remedies || |168che da millenni accompagnano la vita dell’uomo sulla Terra.

We can find great comfort and representative treatments thanks tohomeopathy, phytotherapy and herbal medicine | ||172che ci permettono di curarci con radici ed erbe, la naturopathyas a whole.

Alsomedicina tradizionale cinese e alternative therapiessuch as Yoga, Reiki, Ayurvedacan help us and allow us to take care of ourselves with greater continuity.| ||182

Lo yoga, che è anche un allenamento molto conosciuto e molto seguito, è una splendida disciplina che ci permette di mantenerci in forma e curare, solo con l’esercizio, muscoli e ossa e problemi cronici come la cervicale.

A small step, even just half an hour every two days, can change our existence.

Take care of your outward appearance

Your own toooutward appearanceit must be taken care of with great attention and with a certain constancy, because it is not only our interior is our strong point but we must, and can, take care of everything that concerns our exterior with passion and with top-level results.

We also think only of the skin of our face, of the love handles, cellulite on our legs or a small dandruff problem that has been worrying us for years.

Healthy and clean skin is our first business card, as well as strong hair, nails well-groomed and all that is part of our outer shell.

For this reason we advise you to use excellent quality creams and lotions, which are available on the market and which will allow us to improve our outside to improve also our inside.

Keep fit with exercise

Thethe importance of exercisecontinuous they are not counted but it is always good to underline how a certain programmed movement can improve the quality of our life in an incredible way.

In fact, a good programming of is enough fitness or yogato do at home or ahalf-hour walkevery two days away from home to really take care of yourself and your health considerably.

If we think, as we have already mentioned, of the impact of yoga on all postural pains that make it difficult for us to even work or the impact of a walk on our peripheral circulation, we are certain that one cannot do without it.

And this type of exercise, even slow or light, should also be pursued in mature age, so that there are no joint problems or chronic pain with the age.

Don't neglect your sex life

Our sex lifeis crucial in terms of well-being be psychophysicaland we should never neglect it, both for our state of mental and physical health.

Having a sexual lack with your partner or in your life can lead to an impoverishment of one's love life or even just a lowering of self-esteem that we have to fight.

Obviously let's not forget tocheck ourselves periodically with specialistsalso just to continue having a fulfilling sex life without any kind of problem.

Also in this case, taking care of yourself means paying attention to every control and every detail because neglecting ourselves does not allow us to live well and to live in health, which we cannot afford. The point is that it takes very little to love yourself and we must never get distracted or lose sight of the primary goal which is to get better.

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