How prepare for the medical test

You have decided to participate in the medical admission test?

So in this article we can help you on how to prepare a work plan by focusing on the topics to be prepared.

We must be aware that thetest of 2018 was more difficult than the one of 2017.

We must, therefore ,expect an easy test or a difficult test?

How can we prepare the work ahead?

Go it has discovered that the first of the many false myths that I want to get out of your head today is that preparing for the test can be done with application work that leads to solving the questions we find in the books.

Often, in an approximate and certainly wrong way, the kids decide that working on the questions they find in the books, in a casual way, could be the best strategy to follow.

In short, the point is: if you memorize the quiz questions you are already one step in the exam.

This thing, which is finally done by everyone, is really very wrong. In fact, we cannot present ourselves for admission with a bunch of memorized questions whose meaning we don't even know very well.

We have to organize our work in a completely different way. In fact, we have to think about:

  • understanding the questions of the quiz
  • elements of theory
  • organization and also time management
  • techniques for solve the questions
  • all the emotional factors that can affect the day of the test.

Obviously if we want to make some predictions we cannot but imagine that in the 2019 admission test there there arelogical questions.

Why is logic used?

Because logic is what is considered a macro-container of many topics and therefore we cannot work by learning the questions that are provided to us by the batteries of tests that we decide to take from the texts.

But we have to check all aspects of that topic in order not to arrive unprepared for the day of the exam. We will certainly find the series of figures and also the logic diagrams, so let's work a lot on those, let's try to understand the mechanism that leads to the solution of these puzzles.

Then there are, of course, also biology and chemistry questions. Many students wonder if they need knowledge from high school or already university knowledge. Obviously you need a punctual and specific knowledge of these topics because they will be touched upon and also a lot in the test.

As well as mathematics and physics which have simple questions but are often not really studied by kids who find themselves quite unprepared from this point of view. And this can make a difference, it's clear.

Also pay attention to the type of logic that we find in the test. In fact two years ago we encountered mathematical logic but last year the test was all about verbal logic.

In mathematical logic we have proportions and linear systems. Instead, verbal logic is all about syllogisms, negations, understanding the text, the equivalences of sentences and verbal analogies.

You start studying logic, don't just do random exercises, try to understand the mechanism behind it and do an in-depth study, without leaving anything to fate.

Then study the theoretical part of biology and chemistry in depth and don't forget to review mathematics and physics. Without it you may not be able to prepare properly.

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