How break the deadlock in weight loss

If you are looking to lose weight quickly but then you find yourself in a stalemate in which you are unable to lose weight, don't think too much.

It is normal that when you have been on a diet for some time there is no longer the same weight loss, rather than slowing down or even stopping and not being able to lose weight.

Let's see how to improve or solve the problem.

Lo stallo nella perdita di peso

Come superare lo stallo nella perdita del peso: lo stallo nella perdita di peso

As I told you, losing weight is quite normal, especially after some time has passed since the beginning of the diet.

The situation, of usually, it starts with a loss of you considerable time, in the first weeks, and then with a stall or an evident decrease in the loss even continuing with fewer calories and with physical activity.

The metabolism, accelerated by the diet, initially loses a lot of fat thanks also to glycogen which is a polymer found in fat and which, by decreasing, allows you to lose a lot of water initially. However, this effect is temporary and in the stall phase, the metabolism slows down and you need to give a boost to your diet and physical activity by increasing your metabolism again.

How to overcome the stall

Come superare lo stallo nella perdita del peso: come superare lo stallo

Quando siete nella fase di stallo dovete chiedervi se questo stallo vi sta bene, nel senso che avete raggiunto il peso stabilito o avete voglia di perdere un altro po’ di peso.

If you decide to lose the weight then I'll give you some advice.

Reevaluate your habits. Try to remember what you eat, try to remember the portions and try to eat a little less, at set times , just as you should firmly think about doing physical activity. Set yourself a schedule to stick to.

Cut more calories. If you're already on a low-calorie diet, remember to cut a 1200-calorie regimen by 200 calories a day. Once we reach 1000 calories, our body will continue to lose, no matter how much time passes.

Review your training. Increase the time of the exercises and also the quality of the exercises to lose more weight .

Do more things outdoors during the day. Think about doing physical activity beyond the gym. Try walking to work or taking long walks in the park.


If your efforts are not helping to improve your diet stall, try chatting with your doctor about family or with a dietitian to understand which strategy to use.

Also because if you are already on a good diet and are also training consistently this is already a victory for your health.

The moment something is done to improve one's person from being overweight, this already helps our body to live better, without the problems of being overweight.

Whatever happens, don't give up and don't go back to bad habits. before.

This can lead you to weigh again as before, in fact.

And instead you just need to be satisfied with the success achieved even if only by improving your habits.

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